3Girls 2Boys 1Big Adventure

When Lily meats 2 nice twins that take her in. She quickly takes advantage of their parents money. Though she is a nice girl, she just cant stop.

Read this story to find out the different ways Lily uses the twins money.


2. Just some talkin time...

~~“I think we should go on an adventure,” I saw while sitting on the coach with my three best friends. The coach is big and black. It has a giant bean bag in the middle.
 “Sure I’m in,” Kat says. She is sitting right next to me in a peace shirt and some sweats. “What about you guys?” I can tell she is talking to Kristy and Logan.
 “Yeah I’m in,” Kristy and Logan say at the same time. But Kristy is the one that keeps on talking. “Lily, it sounds like a fun idea. But, where are me going? How are me getting there? When are when going?” Kristy knows I probably have all the answers to these questions, but do I really what to answer them?
 “I was thinking we could travel the 48 states,” I start. “Start at the 13 colonies. You know fly to Maine. Then go down south and hit all the 13 colonies. We can also hit some more states when where going south. Then go from there. Once we fly into Maine from California. We can get a big, nice RV.   Since it will be Summer Vacation in a week; we can go a couple days after school ends. How does that plan sound?” I ask everybody.
Kat and Logan nod their heads. “It sounds like to me, you got this all figured out,” Kristy says.
“Thanks,” I say. I put my chin up and smile. “Kristy, Logan, can you guys asks your parents to get us a nice plane and RV ready for us? Oh, and can the RV be big, and super nice?”
Kristy and Logan exchange a look. Kristy speaks first. “Yeah we can ask,” they both smile.
“Thank you so much,” I say.
-The next day-
 Kristy and Logan asked their parents. They said they would get everything set up for us. They also said we would need chaperons and a Driver for the RV. So now I have another mission to solve.
“Hey Lily,” I’m in the back yard playing hide and go seek. I’m the one counting and right now, I’m going to the counting place. I look around to see who called my name, and it was…

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