3Girls 2Boys 1Big Adventure

When Lily meats 2 nice twins that take her in. She quickly takes advantage of their parents money. Though she is a nice girl, she just cant stop.

Read this story to find out the different ways Lily uses the twins money.


5. Homeless people

We’re on the road. It is 9am. We stopped at McDonald’s. I got a cinnamon melt, a breakfast burrito, and milk. Kat had had pancakes and milk. The twins had a breakfast sandwich and milk. Steve got pancakes, a breakfast burrito, coffee and some milk as well. 
When we finally arrive at Los Angeles it is 2. I’m looking out the window trying to take in as much as I can. I didn’t realize until now, a lot of homeless people live in LA. I feel really bad for them.
“Yo, Steve!” I call to him from the middle of the RV.
“Ya, Lily? Do you need something?” I get up next to him in the passenger’s seat.
“Ya I do. The next ally that has homeless people I it, pull over,” he looks at me kind of concerned. But he does what I ask him to do.
He pulls into an ally with four pretty girls. I hop out of the RV and go to the. One is on a skate board and one is roller blading. I kind of want to try it. I look behind me. Kat is right on my tracks and the twins are tagging behind. Hopefully they will all go with me on this one.
I look at the one with the skate board. “Can I try?” she stops and looks at me. I can tell she doesn’t want me to touch it.
“What’s your name?” she asks me in a mean voice. I think she thinks I’m a prissy. But I’ll show her.

“Lily,” the little girl on the couch looked up when I said my name. “That’s Kate, Kristy, and Logan,”I point to my friends as I say their names. My friends. We’re on a trip to travel the 48 states. We’re here in La to use the airport. We can from Tehama. It’s up north. So… What’s your name?”
“My name is Rose. That’s Kristy,” she points to a girl. “That’s Laurel and Lily,” she points to two other girls that seem to be younger than Kristy and Rose.
“I like your names,” Kat says.
“Me too,” Logan joins in.
“So. Can I try?” I ask again. 
“You won’t steel it?” Rose asks.
“I won’t steel it,” I say. I hold out my pinkie and she pinkie promises me. Rose hands me the skate board. I go up and down the alley like I’ve done this a thousand times.
I hand it back to her after I had my turn. “Thank you, you are so kind,” I say to her. “Will you be here all day?” I ask.
“Yes. This is where we live.”
“How much money do you have?”
“Around 150 dollars,” she responds.
“Would you and your friends like some free food and some money?”
“That would be nice,” Rose gives me a half smile.
“Well come on then. Let’s go in the RV. My friends and I can make you guys some sandwiches and get you food.” Everybody follows me into the RV.

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