3Girls 2Boys 1Big Adventure

When Lily meats 2 nice twins that take her in. She quickly takes advantage of their parents money. Though she is a nice girl, she just cant stop.

Read this story to find out the different ways Lily uses the twins money.


6. Helping others

Logan and Kristy made sandwiches together. I made two and Kat made three. They all ate one and I told them to keep the rest for later. Steve drove us done to a pet shop. We got a big bag of dog food and a little bag too. I also got their dog (Nudge) a bowl to put his food in and a water bowl. Steve drove us to McDonald’s and we all got milk. I got Rose, Kristy, Laurel, Lily extra milk.
“Thank you for the great sandwiches and milk. It was delicious,” Lily tells me and my friends.
“Oh, you’re welcome. Here I wrote down the time and date that we should get back from our trip. We will be flying from Texas into the LA airport. If someone takes you in and can drop you of well; I would love to see you all again,” Rose looks at me surprised.
“Um… Thank you?” Lily manages to say. She takes the paper and gives it to Rose.
“Oh and…,” Kat says. She gives me a wink.
“Is something wrong with your eye?” I ask as if a joke.
“No. I’m fine.” Before she could tell me what she was saying Logan cuts her off.
“Are you sure, Kate?”
“Yes I’m fine. Now Lily give them the surprise stuff,”
“Oh, ya. Thanks Kate.”
“No prob,”
“Rose, Kristy, Laurel, Lily,” they all look at me when I say their names. “I would like you to have my wallet. You can keep the money that you already have in there,” I think they were expecting something else.
“That’s very kind of you?” Laurel says.
“Yep,” I give them a smile. “Would you guys like to use our shower?”
“Me first!” Lily says.
“Don’t be rude Lily. We would love to,” Rose says.
“Ok great,” I smile again. “Lily I will show you the way and how to use it any were the towels are.”
“Ok,” she gives me a smile back and comes with me.
-1to2 hours later-
Everybody has taken a shower. They all look much, much better.
Kristy found the money that I put into the wallet. Here is how that went down.-
 Kristy opened the wallet and said. “How much money is in this thing?” She gets up and gives me a hug. I hug back.
  “A thousand dollars,” I answer her question. Lily and Laurel give me a hug. I hug them back. Rose is in the shower so she didn’t give me a hug.
 “1, 2, 3,” Kristy said to her friends in a whisper. Then they all said together. “THANK YOU LILY.”
 “You are so very welcome! I’m just glad I could help. Here is my phone number,” I write my number on a piece of paper. “Call me when things get better for you guys,” I hand the paper to Kristy. She looks like the one to be second in charge.
 Rose finally gets out of the shower. Lily tells her everything that went on. She gave me and my friends a hug and thanked us.
 So that’s what happened. Right now we are at the hotel. Our flight doesn’t leave until tomorrow. So we are getting ready to go swimming. We already left our four new friends. If I ever see them again, I hope it’s not on the streets. 

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