3Girls 2Boys 1Big Adventure

When Lily meats 2 nice twins that take her in. She quickly takes advantage of their parents money. Though she is a nice girl, she just cant stop.

Read this story to find out the different ways Lily uses the twins money.


7. First Kiss

 “Don’t you guys just love to swim?” Kat asks all of us
 “I had a great time swimming. I learned a lot of cool tricks from you Kate,” Logan says while he does a flip under water.
 “No prob,” she gives him a smile.
“We need to head back upstairs to our room. Girls get the big room with three beds and guys get the one with two,” Kristy says. I give her a hug.  “What was that for?”
 “Just because you went with my plan this time. You didn’t say this is a bad idea or we shouldn’t do this. It meant a lot to me that you stock by my side this whole time,” this time Kristy hugs me. “What was that for?”
 “Just because I felt like it,” we both smile at each other.
 I get out of the pool and wrap myself in a towel. I get all my stuff that I brought down to the pool and start walking to the door. I swipe the card key and open the door that doesn’t have stuff on it. Once I’m inside I got straight to the elevator. I push the button and wait. 
 “Wait up Lily!” I turn around to see Logan running towards me.
 “Where are the girls?”
 “Oh, they’re back there,” he says. “I caught up to you because I have some questions.”
“Ok what are your questions?” I ask while stepping into the elevator. The elevator is huge. It could fit 30 people, maybe more. It has a window in the back so you can see the lobby and where people eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is also a mini waterfall that turns into a stream in the lobby.
“Well I was wondering if you knew how I should ask Kate out. And if she says yes, what kind of date?”
I look at him with one if my eyebrows up; like are you seriously asking me these questions. “I don’t know,” I said being completely honest. We get to our rooms and I just keep walking like I don’t see a door there. “Logan look, I haven’t been on a date ever in my life. I don’t know how Kate would like it. I know she would be thrilled if you asked her. Just be yourself. Oh, and she likes movies, popcorn, and those blue slushy things. I know you like her. She knows you like her. I promise this will all work out,” I give him a little give on the check and go into my room. “Oh and by the way I don’t like you. Night, night. Don’t let the bed bugs bit,” I can’t believe I just did that! Nobody can know.
Kat’s POV
  I get on the elevator with Kristy. It has been 10 minutes since I have seen Lily. What did Logan say to her? What did Lily say to Logan? Ya, I like him. But does he need to know that?
“Kate, Kate,” Kristy calls my name. I get out of my trance and look at her.
“Ya?” I ask.
“Where you even listening to me?”
“No… Sorry. I was thinking.”
“About what?”
“Lily and Logan.”
“Oh,” she says in a shocked voice.
“Come on,” I say. “This is our floor,” I pull Kristy out of the elevator.
“Ok, ok, I’m going. Don’t pull on me this is a new top,” we both start laughing when she says that. “Oh look who it is,” she points to her brother. “I’m going to the room,” then Kristy literally runs to the room.
Logan’s POV
There she is. I can do this. I can’t do this. I can do this. But what about Lily? Oh well. “Hey Kate!” I say to get her attention. “Over here. You got to see this.” I wave her over. She skips over to me like a princess.
“Cool! This is a perfect view of the waterfall stream thing,” She gives me a smile and a hug. “Thanks for showing this to me,”
“You’re welcome,” I shook out. “Sorry, it’s hard to talk because you’re so pretty,” I say without even thinking. I’m in idiot. Now she will never go out with me.
“Ya… um… same with you,” she is looking down at her shoes, while I’m looking at her.
“Thanks, I think.”
“Uh huh,”
I got to ask her. “Will-you-be-my-girlfriend?” I ask super-fast.
“Yes!! I mean, ya sure. Yes I will,” she smiles an angle smile.
“Really? Wow! This is the best day of my life.”
“Ya, mine too. And I think I know a way to make it better,” she leans in close to me with her lips curved. Does she want to kiss? I lean in too and turn. Right there in the hallway we kiss. I’m the happiest boy alive. Finally after a couple of seconds she breaks the kiss. Probably because we are out of breathe. So am I.
“Well I will see you tomorrow then,” I say. I give her a peak on the check and fast walk to my room door. I open it and walk inside. “Steve, I just had my first kiss,” I say with a big smile on my face.
“Good for you Logan. Good for you,” he says to me.

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