The Diary of the Girl with the Scars on her Wrist



6. 6th January

Monday mornings don't agree with anyone, especially me. Mum made breakfast though, so I kinda hopped out of bed and downstairs. Don't judge me, bacon is like the lord of meat, that and ribs, they're king. Anyway, when I got to school I saw numerous things, chavs complaining their 'Mummy' or 'Daddy' didn't get them the right colour phone, they looked more orange than usual. Ompalumpas. I was waiting for my friends but then Aaron found me. Ugh. I pulled me to a corridor which no-one else was, I was nervous. He begged me, almost on his knees, his head on my shoulder, tears in his eyes. I told him to prove his feelings then walked away. I could hear his fist punch the wall.


Lilly was a little pissed at me, I dismissed it and socialised with my other friend, Harriet. She was a generally open minded person, she understood my problem. Lessons were pretty laid back, welcome back and that shit. When I got home Mum was out, I parked myself in front of the tv and settled down, I fell asleep after a little while until mum woke me up. She drove me off my sofa and I went upstairs. YouTube is what the rest of my evening consisted of, then I slept. School again tomorrow, I've got a bad feeling Aaron is going to do something stupid...

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