The Diary of the Girl with the Scars on her Wrist



4. 4th January

Hell. That is what today was. Met up with him, and he was going on about how he has been and how he earning quite a bit of money. But personally I think he's bullshitting, which wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. Then he asked me if I wanted to date him. Was he joking... I simply glared at him, he got the idea. He wasn't at all distraught though, he carried on going on and on about the past few months. I wasn't even listening. After a few minutes I made up an excuse to leave, and left without any awkardness which is unusual for me.


When I got home, Mum was there on the sofa watching the news I think. I slipped pass her though, stole a few things from the kitchen and fled to my room, my sanctuary almost. With A Day to Remember screaming in my ear I sunk into my bed and read The Hunger Games again. I read books more than once most the time but sometimes I'm too hyped about them to and read the next one or mourn about not having a next book. Tomorrow is the last day before I go back to school... Great.

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