The Diary of the Girl with the Scars on her Wrist



3. 3rd January

Lilly phoned me. Going on about how I should of just said I didn't want to see him, I rolled my eyes. I just told her that I'd talk to her at school in a few days then hung up. Obviously she phoned again, I just ignored it and went down for something to graze on. Doritos, brilliant. I parked myself in front of the TV and let the tension release from me. Nothing was on. I managed to find the True Bloods boxset on demand though, perfect. I've read the series completely so I know how it goes, just something to take my mind off of boredom. Mum wasn't happy when she came back from shopping, saying that I should of done something productive. I rolled my eyes. I swear my eyes will fall out of their sockets at the rate they're being rolled.


I finished the fourth episode and went upstairs, not forgeting the Doritos of course. Orange tangy dust clung to my fingertips. I looked at my phone, 7 missed calls, but they weren't all Lilly. One was from a past I don't really like to think about. Aaron... My eyes began to tear up when he phoned again, I picked it up. The conversation was filled with a lot of sorrys and pleases, I just agreed to shut him up. So now I'm seeing him tomorrow, I don't want to speak to him, so this is gonna go well...

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