Justin Bieber | Trouble.

Danny is a normal high school student, who meets the bad boy Justin Bieber.
He drags her into a world full of danger and troubles.
Danny tries to hide it from her big brother Charlie.
-Will he find out anyway?
-Will Danny be prepared?
-Will she follow her heart or her friends?
Found out...


15. Shut Up.

Everything was perfect.


I walked down the hall with a smile on my face.

I saw Justin ans walked towards him.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him with passion.


He stopped and looked at me.


Justin: Hey babe

Danny: Hey

Justin: What are you doing this weekend?

Danny: Nothing, watching a movie i think.


Justin moved closer to my ear and started wispering while grapping my ass.


Justin (Wispering): I thought that we could make, have a little fun.


I smiled.


Danny: Come over tonight, Friday is Charlie's guys night out.


Justin smiled.

The bellrang.


Justin: See ya later babe.


He kissed me again and walked to class.

I did the same.


Gym class, i walked to the gymlocker and took on my gym clothes.

I walked to class.


I loved that game!

I was so good at it.


My team VS Lucy's team.


I smashed. and smashed and smashed and smashed until the class was over. 

i loved winning over Lucy, it made me feel better then her.

But To be honest, then i didnt know if she still liked Justin.


The school day was almost finished.

I just had to go to detention because i smashed Amber in the face. I still was laughing inside.


I walked to detention and course Justin was there.

I sat down on top of him and kissed him.


The teacher looked at us.


Teacher: This is detenion, not kiss your boyfriend.


I laughed and walked to the table next to Justin.

After Detention i drove home. 

Charlie had already left.


Justin came over around 8.

I seriously grapped him in the jacket and pulled his jacket and shirt off him.


He kissed me on the neck and i was so turned on.

We pulled the clothes off each other.

Justin pushed me up against the wall and kissed me neck.

I moaned and pulled a bit in his hair.


Justin entered me, we did it up against the wall for a while.


My door opened.


I looked at the door and pulled two blankets from my bed to me and Justin.

It was Charlie.


Justin looked scared.


Charlie: What is going on here?

Danny: Charlie, it's not what it looks like.

Charlie: Did you just lose your virginaty?

Danny: Uhm... Charlie.


I looked down and Charlie looked directly at Justin.


Charlie: YOU!

Justin: Me?

Charlie: How dear you! She is my little sister!

Justin: Charlie, i know youre upset, but it's normal for teenagers on our age to have sex.

Charlie: Shut up.


Charlie walked towards Justin and punshed him in the face.

Justin fell to the ground, fast and scared.

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