Justin Bieber | Trouble.

Danny is a normal high school student, who meets the bad boy Justin Bieber.
He drags her into a world full of danger and troubles.
Danny tries to hide it from her big brother Charlie.
-Will he find out anyway?
-Will Danny be prepared?
-Will she follow her heart or her friends?
Found out...


18. Justin.

I had to tell Justin, so drove to his house when Charlie was out.

I got to his house, took a deep breath and knocked on the front door.


Pattie opened up.


Pattie: Hey Danny.

Danny: Hey Pattie, is Justin home?

Pattie: Sure, he is on his room.

Danny: Thank you.


Pattie let me in and smiled at me.


It was time to tell Justin.



I walked into his room.

I saw Justin, he was traning.


Danny: Justin?


Justin stopped training and walked towards me.


Justin: Hey.

Danny: Justin, i didn't mean to say what i did the way i did.

Justin: I just dont get it Danny.

Danny: You dont have to.

Justin: I want to.

Danny: I didnt come just for you to yell at me because i broke up with you.

Justin: Then why did you come?


I didnt say anything for almost 5 minutes.

I just looked at the floor and started crying.


Justin got closer and hugged me.


Justin: What's wrong? 


I kept on crying.


Justin: I'm sorry, if i was to hard.


I snifted and looked up at Justin with waterfull red eyes.


Danny: I think i'm pregnant.


Justin stopped hugging me and looked at me really scared.


Justin: What?

Danny: My period is late and i threw up this morning.

Justin: But we always used a condom.

Danny: i know, tha why i didnt get it.


I started crying even harder and Justin wrapped his arms around me.


Danny: What are we going to do?

Justin: I dont know, but i know one thing.

Danny: What?

Justin: I want to be there for you through this.


I smiled and cuddled closer to Justin.


Danny: We have to tell someone who knows how the hole teen pregnant thing works.

Justin: My mom got me when she was 18.

Danny: Can we talk to her?


Justin walked down stairs and got Pattie to walk with him upstairs.


Pattie: What is it Justin?

Justin: I's Danny.


Pattie ran towards me and looked at Justin.


Pattie: What did you do?

Justin: I got her pregnant.

Pattie: What? Justin! I've always told you to use a condom! 

Justin: We were.


Pattie looked at me.


Pattie: Are you okay?

Danny: I dont feel that good.


I ran to the bathroom and threw up.


Pattie: Justin, i'm so dissapointed in you.

Justin: I'm sorry but please help her. She means everything to me.

Pattie: I will.But you have to do something for her.

Justin: What?

Pattie: Go to her place and tell her brother what you did.

Justin: He will kill me.

Pattie: Just do it.


Justin walked downstairs.

I heard his car drive away.


Justin got to my place and knocked on the front door.


Charlie opened up.


Charlie: What are you doing here? Didnt i make it clear when i hit you?

Justin: Yes you did sir, but i cant exept it.

Charlie: I'm sure you do.


Charlie was about to close the door when Justin stepped his foot infront.


Justin: I love her.


Charlie opened the door again and looked at Justin.


Justin: Charlie, she needs you.

Charlie: What? Were is she?

Justin: She is at my place.

Charlie: What is she doing at your place?

Justin: My mom is taking care of her.

Charlie: Taking care?

Justin: Uhm. Will you hit me if i tell you something?

Charlie: I propbly will, but not right now. 

Justin: Danny... Uhm.

Charlie: Say it!

Justin: Danny is pregnant.


Charlie pushed Justin away and looked at him.


Charlie: Why did you do that to her?

Justin: Charlie, i swear it was an accident.


Charlie got into Justin car and yelled out of the window.


Charlie (yelling): Come on! I have to talk to her!


Justin ran to his car and drove with Charlie back to me and Pattie.

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