Justin Bieber | Trouble.

Danny is a normal high school student, who meets the bad boy Justin Bieber.
He drags her into a world full of danger and troubles.
Danny tries to hide it from her big brother Charlie.
-Will he find out anyway?
-Will Danny be prepared?
-Will she follow her heart or her friends?
Found out...


7. i like you Danny.

I drove to Justin’s place.

I got out of my car and walked inside.


Danny: Hello?


I looked into the living room, nobody was there.


Justin: Upstaris!


I walked upstairs and into Justin’s room, smiled.


Danny: Hey.


Justin looked up, he was playing videogames.


Justin: Hey.

Danny: So what did you want to talk about?


I walked to his bed and sat down.

Justin got up and sat down beside me.


Justin: I think we need to talk about what happened last night.

Danny: What? I don’t remember anything.

Justin: D.

Danny: Fine.

Justin: The kiss…

Danny: Is was…. Uhm…

Justin: It was good.

Danny: You think?

Justin: Yeah.

Danny: But?

Justin: There is no but, i like you Danny.

Danny: Really?

Justin: Yeah, you’re amazing.


Justin smiled at me and moved closer.

I smiled back and crawled on top of him.

He lay down, and i looked into his beautiful brown eyes.

I put my hair up in a messy bump and kissed him.

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me back.

I pushed my tongue into his mouth and started figthing with his.

I ran my fingers through his soft silky hair and smiled.

I started to kiss him on the neck, i felt his penis getting harder and just kept on going.

He took of his shirt and moaned.

I smiled and took of my top.

We kept on kissing for while, and i started to rub on his hard boner.


After a while we heard someone come upstairs.


Justin: Someone is coming.


We took on our clothes and sat on the bed.

I looked at his pants and saw the boner again.

I took one of his pillows and put it on his pants.


Justin: Thanks.


Justin’s mom came up.


Justin’s mom: Hey, who is your friend?

Justin: Mom, this is Danny, Danny this is my mom Pattie.

Danny: Hey.


Pattie smiled at me.


Pattie: Are you staying for dinner?


I looked at my phone.


Danny: No, i’m sorry. I have to go my brother is waiting for me.

Pattie: Oh okay.

Danny: Bye.


I walked downstairs and took on my jacket.

I walked to my car and drove home.

What was just happening?

Was i about to lose my virginaty to Justin?

I’d only known him for 4 days… 

But i had to admit, i liked him. 

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