Justin Bieber | Trouble.

Danny is a normal high school student, who meets the bad boy Justin Bieber.
He drags her into a world full of danger and troubles.
Danny tries to hide it from her big brother Charlie.
-Will he find out anyway?
-Will Danny be prepared?
-Will she follow her heart or her friends?
Found out...


6. He is the trouble.

I didn’t want to go to school, the next morning…

It was so going to be so awkward…

Justin was my friend, this wasn’t a good thing.

Or i didn’t think so.


I got to school and walked through the hall.

I saw Justin and just looked at the ground.

I felt so awkward, Justin was my friend and i didn’t want that to chance.


I walked to my locker and wrote the code, when i saw Juliet coming.


Juliet: Hey D.


I looked at her and smiled.


Danny: Hey.

Juliet: What did you do this weekend?

Danny: I went to a party, with a friend.

Juliet: What? Who? And you didn’t invite me?

Danny: Sorry, he invited me a bit late.

Juliet: He?!

Danny: Yeah, i got a new friend at detention.

Juliet: Who?


Justin walked towards us.


Justin: Hey D.

Danny: Hey Justin.

Justin: Can we talk after school?

Danny: Yeah, sure.

Justin: Cool, my place?

Danny: Sounds good to me.

Justin: Cool, see ya.


Justin walked away and Juliet looked at me with her mouth open.


Juliet: Is Justin Bieber your new friend?

Danny: Yeah, so?

Juliet: Danny, he is like the biggest trouble you can get into.

Danny: Really? Why?

Juliet: He stole one of the teachers pencils.

Danny: Omg, that is not a crime. That’s funny.

Juliet: Danny, remember the time Will’s car got splashed at with sour cream?

Danny: Yeah, it took him like a month to get the smell off his car.

Juliet: He did ti.

Danny: What? No.

Juliet: Yes, it was him.

Danny: I like some troubles.

Juliet: He is not some trouble. He is the trouble.


The bell rang and we walked to class.

Test. Omg i just wanted to go home in bed.

”What is a pineapple?”

What kinda question is that? It was so stupid.

Lunch time.


Juliet: I’m stawing.

Danny: Me too.


We walked to the cafeteria and looked at the menu.


Juliet: It’s spaghetti meat balls Monday.


We walked to the lunch lady and bought our food.

We looked around.

No free tables.

I saw Justin, he looked up and smiled at me.

He was sitting alone.


Justin waved us over to him.

We walked towards him and i smiled.


Danny: Hey.

Justin: Have lunch with me.

Juliet: Btw my name is Juliet. Why are you sitting alone?

Justin: Because Lucy is a bitch and i don’t want to sit next to her.


I laughed.


Juliet: Fair enough.


We started eating and talked.

Justin told us about how much he enjoyed detention, because it was the only place Lucy couldn’t get to him.

She even knew were he lived. She was so creepy.


After lunch, we walked to the last class.


The only word i really knew how to say right was Te amo and it ment i love you.

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