Justin Bieber | Trouble.

Danny is a normal high school student, who meets the bad boy Justin Bieber.
He drags her into a world full of danger and troubles.
Danny tries to hide it from her big brother Charlie.
-Will he find out anyway?
-Will Danny be prepared?
-Will she follow her heart or her friends?
Found out...


16. Do you understand me?

Charlie didn't talk to me for days.

I felt so alone, he drove me to school and picked me up again every single day and he didn't let me talk to boys, not even my friends...Now i only had Juliet.


I was sitting in my bed, watching some Netflix on my Ipad.


Why did this stuff always happen to me?

What did i do, to disurve that my own brother doesnt trust me.?


Someone knocked on my door. 

Charlie came in.


Charlie: Hey.


I looked up and looked straight down again.

I didnt anwser him.


He sat down on my bed, and took my ipad.

He lay it on table and looked at me.

I was still looking down.


Charlie: I know, you're angry, but...


I looked up.


Danny: I'm not angry, i'm fucking pissed.

Charlie: Dont use that ord, young lady.

Danny: Fucking!

Charlie: Alright, i will let you use it now, because i punshed your exboyfriend.

Danny: Ex? He is still my boyfriend!

Charlie: Danny, he is not good for you.

Danny: Why? Because he was inside me?

Charlie: Daniella, Shut up now.

Danny: Why is it such a big deal for you?

Charlie: Because, its you.

Danny: What?

Charlie: Danny, i am the person i am, because i love you.

Danny: But.

Charlie: I'm worried about you, you're my baby sister, and i never knew that you were sexual active.

Danny: Charlie, i'm a girl. That is a girl problem, and you're not a girl.

Charlie: I know, but i want you to trust me.

Danny: Stuff like that, and other girl problems is for me to talk to Juliet about.

Charlie: I'm so sorry i have to do this to you.

Danny: What are you talking about?


Charlie got up and walked to the door, but stopped and looked at me.


Charlie: Justin is trouble, he is not good for you. You can't see him anymore. I really dont want you to hate me, i'm only doing this for you. 


Charlie took a deep breath.

He opened my door and was about to walk out when he looked seriously at me.


Charlie: Justin can come over, tonight, but only for you to break up with him. And if you dont. I swear to god, i will make him regret that he ever touched you. Do you understand me?

Danny: Charlie.. I.

Charlie (Yelling): DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?


I started crying.


He walked out and smashed the door.



I texted Justin.


Danny: Hey, can you come over?


10 minutes later, he answered.


Justin: I'm on my way.



I felt the tears coming.



I heard Justin walking towards my room.


I took a deep deep breath.

My door opened.


Justin ran towards me and kissed me.


Justin: I've missed you so much.

Danny: Justin... Uhm.. I... 


Justin stopped touching me.


Danny: I can't do this anymore.

Justin: What? Why?

Danny: We cant be together anymore, i... i.... i dont.... uhm... 


A tear rolled down my cheek.


Danny: I dont want to be with you.

Justin: Danny... Why are you saying this?

Danny: Because it's the truth!


i pushed Justin a bit away from me.


Danny: You're trouble, and i dont like being troubled. 

Justin: What? Danny i'm sorry if i...

Danny: It's okay. I hate me too.


Justin looked at the ground.


Danny: Please go now.


Justin looked at me.


Danny: Justin, please. 


I started crying.


Danny: GO.


Justin walked to my door and looked at me.

He gave me that disapointed look and it wripped my heart apart.

But i had to do this, or else Charlie would.


Justin walked away.

I heard his car start and drive away.


In that minute, i felt my heart break, and he had taken the glue with him. 


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