Justin Bieber | Trouble.

Danny is a normal high school student, who meets the bad boy Justin Bieber.
He drags her into a world full of danger and troubles.
Danny tries to hide it from her big brother Charlie.
-Will he find out anyway?
-Will Danny be prepared?
-Will she follow her heart or her friends?
Found out...


14. Deep Breath.

I skipt school for a couple of days.

Justin texted me all the time, but i really didnt want to answer him.


Justin: DANNY! I'm Sorry!

Please forgive me!

I miss U!


He even called me 5 times. I didnt answer. 

and then he just stared texting again.


Justin: Please Pick up! I'm sorry Danny! I didn't mean it! 

You are the most amazing girl ever! 

I want to be with you!

I'm NOT AND NEVER  have been embarassed of U!


I took a deep breath and turned off my phone.


2 days later i finally found my courage to go to school.

I drove to school and got out of my car.

Everybody was looking at me,

But the poster of me was gone.

Who took it down?


I walked to my locker and took out my books when Juliet ran towards me.


Juliet: D! D! D!!


I looked at her.


Danny: What is it?

Juliet: The poster is gone.

Danny: I know.

Juliet: No, you dont get it.

Danny: What is it that i dont get?

Juliet: Justin was the one who took it down.

Danny: What?

Juliet: A couple of days ago, he got crazy and pulled it down. He ripped it in pieces and trashed it.

Danny: But.

Juliet: He started yelling and told everybody that if they ever laughed about it again, he would make them regret it.


I smiled.


I saw Justin standing alone at his locker.

I was mad at him, but of course i needed to thank him.

I walked towards him.

He saw me and looked at the floor.


Danny: Hey.

Justin: Hey.


He looked at me.


Danny: I'm still mad at you, but i wanted to thank you for what you did for me.

Justin: Yeah, sure. 

Danny: Justin, i don't think we should see each other anymore.

Justin: Why?

Danny: Because youre embaressed of me.

Justin: I'm not embaressed of you, i just didnt want your reputation to be bad, just like mine.

Danny: Justin, I dont care about my reputation. I just want to be with you.

Justin: Are you sure?

Danny: I've never been this sure in my life.


I smiled.

Justin wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.

in the middle of the hall. Everybody was starring at us.

I could seriously hear Lucy's plans break and it made me happy.


Everybody knew know.

Justin and i was together.

I was so glad that we didnt have to hide anymore.

I really wanted all this to work out.


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