Justin Bieber | Trouble.

Danny is a normal high school student, who meets the bad boy Justin Bieber.
He drags her into a world full of danger and troubles.
Danny tries to hide it from her big brother Charlie.
-Will he find out anyway?
-Will Danny be prepared?
-Will she follow her heart or her friends?
Found out...


9. Bed sheets.

The days past....

At School Justin and i was just friends, But when We Got home, We Were all over each other.

I never stopped wondering why he didn't want me to be his girlfriend.

Later We Were at Justins place.


I Walked towards Justin.

He wa sitting With his phone on his bed.


Danny: Justin?


Justin looked at me.


Justin: yeah?


I sat Down next to him.


Danny: why are You embarrassed of me?


Justin put his phone in his pocket, pulled me on top of him and wrapped his arms around me.


Justin: i'm not embarrassed of You Danny?

Danny: it seems like it.

Justin: why do You Think i'm embarrassed of You?

Danny: because You dont want to kiss me in public.

Justin: babe, thats for You.

Danny: why?

Justin: Because i'm not extrally the kinda guy a Girl like You should be seen With. I'm a bad choise. I try to behave when we're together. My mind is so blown up Right now.

Danny: I Chose You because i Wanted too.

Justin: Danny, my mind is blown Right now.

Danny: With what?

Justin: it doenst matter. I always want what i can't have.

Danny: thats not true, what do You want?.


Justin looked Down at my boobs.


Danny: Justin?


Justin looked up.


Justin: You.


I smiled.


Justin: i'm so turned on by You Right now. But Danny..


I kissed him.

He held on tighter around my back.

I wrapped my arms around his neck.


I hurried to Take Off my Shirt.


Danny: Where is your mom?

Justin: Work.


Justin kissed my cheast.


Danny: when Will She be home?

Justin: tonight, She Got a bussines dinner.


I pulled Off Justin's Shirt and kissed him on the neck.

He opened my bra, and pulled it Off.

I was so nervous.

I wrapped my arms around my boobs ans looked at Justin.


Justin: Dont be afraid.


I let go of my boobs and looked away.


Justin: You're beautiful Danny.


I wrapped my arms around his neck again and kissed him.

Justin lay Down and looked at me.

I pulled Off his pants.

I Got on top of him and kissed his neck again.

He rolled us around so he was on top.


Danny: You Were Right.

Justin: about what?

Danny: i'm a good girl.


Justin knew that it ment that i was a Virgin.


Justin: dont worry.


He started Rubbing on my clit on my panties.

I Moaned.


I had never felt this Way before. It felt amazing!

He looked at me.

I had my eyes closed and bite my lower lip.

He pulled Down my panties and took hold of my Right boob With his left hand.

I looked up at him.

He smiled and pushed One of his fingers inside me.

I Moaned.

He started to move it back and front.

I took hold of the bed sheets and Moaned louder.

He pulled his finger out and looked at me.

I looked Down at him and pulled him up to my head again.

I kissed him and turned us around again.


I crawled Down to his boxers and looked at him.


Justin: Danny, it's okay If You dont want too.


I smiled and pulled Down his boxers.

I grapped his penis and looked at him.

He closed his eyes.


I started moving my hand up and Down his hard penis.

He Moaned.


I knew what i had to do.


I looked closly at him While starting to lick on the top of his penis.

He opened his eyes and looked Down at me.

He Moaned.

I started sucking While listening to him moan louder and louder.

He pulled me on top Off him and rolled us around again.

I knew what this meant.

He looked at me.


Justin: Are You sure about this?


I took a deep breath.


Danny: i'm sure.


He pushed it inside of me.


The more he pushed, the more it hurt.

He looked at me.

I'd closed my eyes.


He started moving.


I bite my lower lip and a tear rolled Down my cheek.

He stopped and looked at me.

I opened my eyes.


Justin: am i hurting You? Do You want me to stop?


Another tear rolled Down my cheek.


Danny: no, keep going.


Justin started moving again.

I wrapped my arms around his back and started scratching.


After a While Justin came.

And i ran my fingers through his Brown soft silky hair.


I Wanted Justin to be mine. It didn't matter that i'd Only known him for 10 days.

I really Wanted to be With him.

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