Beta Knows Best

Kennedy Wright's life is changed when her family moves to a small town in Ontario, Canada. New house. New school. New people.

New form.

Ken doesn't know what the hell she is, or what's going on. As the local pack begins to close in on her- basically a rogue- how will she find the answers to her questions?

More importantly, why does she feel so drawn to... him?

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3. I Have The Most Vivid Dreams

When I die and they lay me to rest,

Gonna go to the place that's the best

When I lay me down to die,

Goin' up to the spirit in the sky

My eyes flutter open when I realize the music isn't my alarm clock. Immediately, I bring my hand to my face and let out a sigh of relief. Not a paw. I look down to make sure the rest of me is okay, and supress a scream.

Where did my clothes go?!

I look around the barn, only to see a pile of shredded fabric. Found them.

My phone lays off to the side, and I answer the call.

"Hello?" I say into the receiver, my voice dry and hoarse.

"Kennedy? Where are you!?" My mothers voice says, and I cringe, a slight headache still pounding my brain. I look at the screen, only to realize it's 11am and I slept in this dirty old barn all night... Naked.

"I uh..." Shit shit shit! What do I say?! Oh yeah mom sorry I just came outside and morphed into a dog last night I'll come back in the house in my birthday suit soon.

"I.. Went for a jog this morning. Feeling really energetic these days, y'know. Why, what's up?"

"Well we were all going to go see a movie this afternoon.. But I take it you're pretty preoccupied?" She says, and I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding.

"Yeah- No- I'll pass, have fun!" I say quickly, and she chuckles before hanging up. A couple minutes later I hear their car pull out, and I make my mad dash to the house. After slamming the door behind me, I run up to my bedroom and pull on some clothes. All that's running through my mind is Google Google Google.

I open my laptop sitting on my bed, unknowingly biting my nails nervously. What if I'm some sort of mutant thing? What if I'm an alien? Werewolves don't exist, they can't. What if-

What if it was just a dream?

I was feeling pretty out of it last night. Maybe, when I went out for air I passed out? Maybe I was dreaming and sleepwalking the whole time. I've read so many books and have such an imagination- who even knows.

But it felt so real.

Because it was real, doofus. Something inside me says. I close my laptop, bring my knees to my chest and just sit there, staring out the window. I'm not crying- quite frankly there's no reason to. I just feel so weird. Even more like an outsider now than before I was..

Before I was a thing.


About a week and a half later, September began, along with school. My birthday passed, not really anything special. 

I pull the Caprice into the school parking lot and find a spot wedged between two massive trucks. Julia and I step out, and momentarily stop to take in the place we'll spend the next ten months in. 

"Ready to die?" She says, and I sigh, nodding. 

"As ready as I'll ever be." I mumble, and we head up to the school. We walk together only because we don't know anyone else, and I'd rather not be alone. 

Scratch that actually, I do know some people. We pass by a group of kids, and I have that same feeling in my gut. I look back and recognize that Bradlee guy along with the two girls. They stare at me as we walk by, and I lower my head.

"Why do they look at you like that, like you're some kind of alien?" Julia whispers, and I shrug. As we approach the doors a couple steps out, stopping right in front of us. I automatically have this sense of fear wash over me, the guy just radiates powerful energy. And from the way people look at him, it's obvious he's like their king. And it's also obvious as to why- he's a massive 6'4 hunk of pure muscle, his blonde hair styled up. He looks at me like the others do; a cold hard stare. I step back slightly.

"Kennedy?" Someone says, and I turn my attention to the girl on his arm. 

"Oh, hi Kadence." I say, smiling at the cheerful red head. She gives me a wide smile back, and looks to Julia, who is shifting her feet nervously.

"Who's this?" She asks, and Julia smiles shyly.

"This is Julia, my sister." I say. Kadence glances up at the hunk with an almost confused look before masking it with a smile again.

"Nice to meet you! This is Keanan, my m-"

"Boyfriend." He says, cutting her off. He doesn't smile, just keeps scrutinizing me.

"Pleased to meet you." I say with a curt nod. He nods slightly, then looks to Kadence. She frowns slightly, as if he said something that displeased her... But he didn't say anything at all. She shakes her head. 

"Go with the others." She says to him, gesturing to Bradlee and the girls. "I'll help you two find your way!" She says, and I smile. Keanan seems reluctant to go, but a hard look fom Kadence sends him on his way with a grunt. She rolls her eyes. "That boy, I'm telling you. Doesn't like me even going to the bathroom by myself." She says with a giggle, then leads us into the school.

After getting our schedules, finding our lockers and dropping off Julia in her first class, Kadence and I walk to my first class. 

"Wait- it's biology right? Me too!" She exclaims excitedly, and I can't help but laugh.

"Thank you, Kadence. Everybody else seems to avoid me like the plague." I say, and she presses her lips together.

"Well, I had this feeling we're going to be great friends, so I figured, what do I have to lose?" She says with a grin that I return.

We arrive in our biology class a few minutes early, and take a pair of desks seated beside each other. We do the same in Math class, which we coincidentally have together. Finally, it's lunch.

"You have to come meet the group!" She says, and I stop in my tracks.

"Wait. No way. They look like they want to rip my throat out for some reason." I say, and she sighs.

"They'll figure it out, once they get to know you." She says, grabbing my wrist to pull me to the cafeteria.

"Figure what out?" I ask, and she blinks a few times.

"What an awesome person you are, of course!" She says with a teasing 'duh' look. I sigh, giving in as she pulls me towards the caf.

I get that weird feeling in my gut again, but this time it's different.

Something is pulling me towards the cafeteria- and I don't mean Kadence. I get this tingling feeling throughout my body, and my stomach feels like it's flipping around. 

What the hell? 

Kadence opens the caf doors, and suddenly I'm hit by the most alluring smell. It's like a musky mixture of smoke, pine needles and pure, sweet bliss. 

Find him.

The voice inside me says again, and I listen to her. My eyes search the crowd, to no avail. Kadence continues to pull me along, stopping in front of a table. I recognize the group from before, and they obviously recognize me.

"Okay so that's Bradlee, that's Alicia-" She says, pointing at the girl with the blond hair, "That's Beth, and you've already met Keanan." She says, gesturing to the girl with the auburn hair and her hunk of man. "Oh and that's-"

Maverick. The name pops into my mind as he sits down at the table. His dark brown hair and light blue eyes, chiseled body and oh, that jawline made me want to just leap into his arms right there. Something flutters inside me, pulling me to this boy. He suddenly frowns and looks up, and we make eye contact.

His eyes- they're like a sea of blue and I can't help but stare. They light up as we make eye contact, and I suddenly feel panicked. Oh god. I probably stared too long. They probably all think I'm a freak. I break the eye contact and step back a bit. Kadence gives me a confused look.

"I uh- I forgot my wallet in my car." I say before turning on my heels and rushing to the door we came in through. I glance back in one more time- Only to meet those cool blue eyes again.

That was not natural. Not one bit.


Maverick Colley's POV

I slide my tray off the counter, sighing to myself internally. I'm already ready to go home, and we're only halfway through the day. I glance down at the god-knows-what heaped in a pile on my tray. What did I expect? I don't even know.

I turn to head back to the table when it's like a wall hits me. A powerful scent of caramel and vanilla invades my senses, and it's completely overwhelming. Not only that, but something inside me stirs.

My inner wolf knows something is up.

I come up to the table, only to hear Kadence chatting away. From what I can tell, she's introducing us to someone-

And that's when I feel it.


A sense of warmth, a sense of tranquility washes over me as I feel her gaze. I look up, and am met by a pair of inquisitive green eyes. Her sandy blonde hair cascades down her back in gentle waves, and jesus christ-has she got the most enticing figure. Her lips look oh, so soft- and it takes all that's in me not to stand up and confront her right then and there.

Mate. My wolf says. Suddenly her features contort into something like confusion as she looks at me. She quickly says something to Kadence and before I know it, she's out the door, giving me a quick glance before leaving. Well that was weird. He says, and I have to agree with him.

Then, the pack mind-link goes nuts.

Kadence, what in the hell were you thinking, bringing her here?? Bradlee practically shouts. A plus side to being in the pack- we've got mind-linked communication services. Way better than a cellphone.

She's my friend. She responds as she sits down beside Keanan, opposite me. On the outside she looks fine, but the tone of her thoughts says otherwise.

She's a rogue, Kade. She's dangerous. Bradlee says, practically snarling.

And you're in no position to make that call, actually. She snaps, glaring at him across the table.

She's a rogue, Kadence. Keanan pipes up and she clenches her fist around her fork.

She's not dangerous. She retorts adamantly, and he narrow his eyes at her.

You don't know that yet, Kade. We can't be sure. He says to her, and I sink in my chair a little. 

But she- Kadence begins.

That's enough. We can't trust a rogue right away, we don't want to endanger the pack. Keanan says, the authority in his voice clear. Everybody remains silent for the remainder of the lunch hour, all lost in our own thoughts. Once pulling at me from deep inside:

When will I see her again?

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