Your ours now.

Don't sweat. Don't laugh. Don't draw attention to yourself
And most of all whatever you do, do not fall in love with one of them.
" you aren't afraid of the dark are you ?"


2. What do you want?

 As I realized what I just did it was to late. " well look what we have here" a voice sneered from the shadows " wh-who's there?" The voice chuckled scaring me even more " oh babe were your worst nightmare" said another voice. I couldn't think straight all I could think of is what my grandma once told me " if you are caught run. Run and hide. Find a knife. Run and hide" so I did just that. I bolted straight through my door locking it behind me and running to the kitchen to get a knife I grabbed one and then ran to my room opened my closet door and then locked that behind me. It wasn't long before I heard a loud " BOOM" and now all I can do is sit and wait to see if they will find me. " Niall you look upstairs" says a slightly deep voice " zayn you check the attic"  " got it " responds who I assume is zayn  " Louis you cover the basement " " and Harry you check the garage. As for me I'll stay here and keep guard make sure she doesn't sneak out this way" says the voice " got it " responds  the  man who I now know is Harry. Ok now I'm horrified what if they find me? But the most asked question running through my head right now is , " what the hell do they want from me?" 


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