Your ours now.

Don't sweat. Don't laugh. Don't draw attention to yourself
And most of all whatever you do, do not fall in love with one of them.
" you aren't afraid of the dark are you ?"


1. Walking home


Yes finally the end of the day. Which means I get to go home and be myself no more stress just me by myself. With no one to bother me. My names hazel. I am a human living in a world of Vampires. You may wonder how I do it... How I am not seen as a human... Well I learned from my grandma she was the one who raised me when my parents were killed by those monsters. She took me in and taught me how to survive. There are so many rules that I had to learn I can still hear my grandma now " don't laugh. Don't sweat. Don't let your eyes widen. Shave everyday. Don't cry. Don't smile. Always brush your fake fangs keep them polished. And never ever draw attention to yourself. Attention is dangerous in a world like this"  but my grandma is no longer with me she passed away last year so I have to now take care of myself. My house is quite far away from the school so the walk home is about 30 minutes which I really don't mind you get used to it. As I was just about to open my door I am thrown into my brick wall " what the hell was that for" I spat at whatever the hell that was that just pushed me. Bad choice the number one rule is to never show emotion and that's exactly what I just did...


Hey guys my names maddy (: and I'm kinda new to this whole fan fiction writing so cut me some slack I know it's not that great so far but I promise you it will be better!!!




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