Adventure Time Song Lyrics!!!

These are Adventure Time song lyrics. If you want to see a song here, comment and I will write the lyrics....LOL. Anyway, ENJOY!!!


5. Tropical Island Song


   As a tropical Island

   As a tropical Island

   As a tropical Island

   As a tropical Island

   On a tropical Island

   Underneath the molten lava moon

   Hanging with the hula dancers

   Asking questions 'cause they got all the answers

   Putting on some lotion

   Sitting by the ocean

   Rubbing it on my body

   Rubbing it on my body

  Get me out of this ca-a-ave

  'Cause its nothing but a gladiator gra-a-ave

  And if I stick to the pla-a-an

  I think I'll turn into a lava ma-a-an

  I think I'll turn into a lava man!!

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