Crush on my best Friend

Three kids Addi, Kenlee, and Tukker go on tons of big adventures after they find out they are the best of friends.
Kenlee finds out she has a crush on her best friend Tukker

In this story will make you laugh!!!!!!


1. telling you my crush

      On Monday Tukker and Addi sat by me at Lunch. We don't sit by each other often. I think the teacher made them sit there. Tukker is a pretty good guy once you get to know him like me. He is usually sitting by his stuck up friends Andrew { My ex boyfriend } and Dawson. They are the most popular guys in the forth grade. And Addi {best friend sense the beginning of the year} is always sitting by her stuck up friends Alyssa and Sydney. Me and Addi are good friends to.

      Me and Tukker are always playing basketball at recess with his friends. His friends say that I am not good enough to be on his team,but he says me and him win the game.

     Addi was my twin sisters Kamee's best friend but after they were put in different classes they werent really friends anymore.                                                                                                                                                                   Hard to tell you this but i think i have a 

                                                                                 little crush on Tukker...

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