Almost Is Never Enough {1D} *on hold*

Selena Is from Bradford. Selena Mary Monte was abused by her father verbally, physically, and mentally. One day after her father almost killed Selena someone mysterious called the cops. She never seen him again and is now living her dream. She is now a very famous singer. But ever since her father started abusing her she started having problems trusting boys. What happened's when One Direction is her opening act? They start earning her trust after 2 months of knowing each other. But what happened's when Zayn just has to know her personal life. And when her dad comes back into the picture? Zayn promises to be Selena's rock. What happened's when Selena almost starts falling for her rock? Well you know what they say Almost Is Never Enough....


4. Chapter 4 ~Happy Birthday Harry~

Zayn's POV

(Finally a new POV lol)

We were all about to leave the main entrance. I would be lying if I said there were only couple people and paparazzi.

To be honest, it was packed. I opened the door first and walked out with Selena behind me and the boys not too far behind.

Once we where all out side we where jumped with questions. Not literally, that would be weird.

"Zayn! Are you cheating on your girlfriend Perrie Edwards with new hot sensation Selena?" A pap yelled.

(A/N: Let's pretended that Perrie and Zayn arnt engaged for the sakes of this story)

"Selena are you dating one of the one direction boys."

"It's your birthday right Harry!"

"Harry are you going to be up all night to get lucky!"

"Niall is it true you are dating a model?"

"Louis are you going to give Harry the d later?"

"Liam do you really love Sophia smith? Or are you using her to get over your feelings for your ex Danielle?"


I grabbed Selena's arm when I saw her terrified. When I grabbed her arm she winced. She looked at me, her eyes full of fear. I pulled her inside the van.

"Are you ok?" I questioned

"y-yeah." Selena stuttered

Then the thing that the pap said about Harry's birthday came to mind. We haven't said happy birthday yet.

Now don't get into conclusions just yet. No, we didn't forget. We just want him sad/mad for his surprise party. Yeah cruel of us, I know.

"So where are we going to eat?" Questioned Liam.

"Do you guys like hamburgers?" Selena questioned

Selena's POV

"Yeah." Said Louis

The smile on my face starting forming.

"Then what about checkers?" I said

"Checkers?" Questioned Niall.

My eyes turned wide.

"You don't know what checkers is?" I practically screamed

The boys looked at me weirdly as they shook their heads 'no'.

"Oh my god! We need to go to checkers now!" I said

"Ok." Zayn chuckled

Just then I remembered I was in a van.

With 5 boys, alone.

Are they going to rape me?

Slap me?

Hit me?

Call me a bitch?

A slut?

A whore?

Un loved?



Ugh stop thinking negative.

"I'll drive." I announced

"No I'll drive." Liam said back from the drivers seat.

"Um I'm the only one who can drive to checkers." I said

"I just got my drivers license so I'm going to drive." Liam responded back

"No." I said stubbornly.

~10~ minutes later

After about 5 minutes of arguing I finally got to drive.

We had just ordered our food.

"Do wait, here you eat in your car or here outside in these seats." Niall said/questioned

"Yup." I said popping the 'p'

Just then our food came. I waited for them so eat their first bite.

"Omg this is delicious." Niall moaned

All they boys nodded their heads. I took a sip of my banana milkshake when I realized Harry looked said.

"Hey Harry can I talk to you in private." I said.

Harry responded back by standing up.

We walked over to a palm tree south from the test of the boys.

Honestly I didn't care that I was alone with a boy at the moment. All I know is that he looked upset and I want to know why.

"Heyy Harry why are you sad."I said carefully

"It's nothing." Harry waved it off

"It's obviously something. Please just tell me." I said

"It's just that the boys haven't said happy birthday to me. I know it's a stupid thing to be sad about but it hurts." Harry said.

I noticed tear slipped out of his eye.

"Happy birthday Harry!"



I posted this chapter cause it's Harry's birthday!!!!! And I'm going to post a new story called trapped!!! Hopefully you guys read it!! :D

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