Almost Is Never Enough {1D} *on hold*

Selena Is from Bradford. Selena Mary Monte was abused by her father verbally, physically, and mentally. One day after her father almost killed Selena someone mysterious called the cops. She never seen him again and is now living her dream. She is now a very famous singer. But ever since her father started abusing her she started having problems trusting boys. What happened's when One Direction is her opening act? They start earning her trust after 2 months of knowing each other. But what happened's when Zayn just has to know her personal life. And when her dad comes back into the picture? Zayn promises to be Selena's rock. What happened's when Selena almost starts falling for her rock? Well you know what they say Almost Is Never Enough....


3. chapter 3 ~just the beginning~


"Um hi.." I said


"Hi I'm Liam and I just wanted to say that I really loved your music." Liam said with a warming smile.

But I don't care about warmth! They could be a rapist for all I know. People lie if you haven't noticed!!

Ok, ok I really need to calm down and not get more paranoid than I already am.

When I was done talking to myself (yes I do that, but so do you right?) anyways as I was saying when I was done talking to myself I sent Liam a warming smile.

"Hi I'm Louis and I just wanted to say that I'm a massive fan." Louis responded with a kind smile

Kind smile my ass.......

I sent Louis a kind smile as well.

Then I trailed my eyes to the next person.

Hmmmm he looks kinda cute.

Cute what is wrong with you!!???? He is a fucking boy!!!!!!!

Oh my god just calm down I said he was cute not that I wanted to fucking marry him sheesh......

"Hi I'm Niall and I wanted to say that you have beautiful smile and that I love your song wrecking ball." Niall said with a very heart warming smile.

(A/N: I know, I know wrecking ball isn't her original song but let's pretend ok?)

If only he can see that my smile says one thing but my eyes are screaming the words 'HELP ME'.

But I couldn't take my eyes out of the next person. His quiff was very hot. He looked quite friendly with that adorable smile. But those tattoos told me other wise......

"Hey I'm Zayn and I'm always available if you need someone to talk to" Zayn said with a smile that basically screamed 'IM HERE IF YOU NEED HELP'

He looked like someone I can trust. His eyes are very shiny. Like crystal clear. I could rarely take my eyes off of his perfect face figures, his perfect body,his lips.....

SNAP OUT IF IT SELENA!!!!!!!! Remember you can't trust anyone because everyone has a demon inside..... Like you...

I sent him a soft smile.

Then I had to practically force my eyes to look at the next person.

"Hi I'm Harry and I think you are a very talented and beautiful girl." Harry smiled that his dimples were very visible. I wanted to pick them but I fought my desire and just smiled at him.

"Hey, are you ok." Zayn said confused.

"YeAh don't worry it's nothing I'm fine." I said nervously.

He looked at me for a long while. And then just shrugged.

I walked behind him and into the room we were all in.

What do I do now?

What do I say?


But what do I say?


"Um hi....?" I said

"You already said that,love." Louis chuckled along with the rest if the boys.

"I did?" I said confused

The boys laughed harder!

"Yes! At the beginning." Zayn smiled but you can te he was holding his laugh in.

"Oops." I blushed

"It's fine, love." Harry said while wiping away a year.

Humph all I did was say hi......

Do British people always say love or.......

"I'm very hungry. Selena do you wanna go come an seat with us?" Niall questioned

"Um sure...." I said a tiny bit terrified.

Stop worrying you guys are just going to eat, nothing can go wrong.

But this is only

Just the beginning.




Sorry for keeping you guys waiting and then only posting a small chapter. Please don't kill me hehe....


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