Alive (niall horan vampire fanfic)

Ariel never believed in ware wolfs or vampires. Heck she didn't even believe in ghosts.
But one day walking home. She meets a different guy and she feels connected to him.
But the thing that she Doesn't know is, he's a vampire. And he's trying to protect her.


3. the outcast

I was blind folded and thrown into a van.

I felt a pain of arms around my body and cold breath on my neck.

I whimpered as he placed his lips on my neck leaving light kisses.

"Harry stop it!" Someone growled.

I felt I though was Harry let go.

"Your beautiful," he whispered causing me to blush.

Blush I never blush.

"Aw is wittle Ariel blushing," someone cooed.

I scoffed and the van stopped.

"Were here"another voice said.

I felt my body being picked up and carried into where ever I was being taken.

The blind folds were taken off of me and I was sitting in a chair.

I started moving around until I felt something fall out of my pocket.

"What's this?" Zayn asked picking it up.

When he opened it. "Where did you get this?" He asked turning a lighter shade of white.

"I found it. A man dropped it"

Zayn ran his hand through his hair. "Sh*t." He cussed.

I huffed. "Lads come here," Zayn said.

The boys appeared in the door and all walked in.

Zayn showed them the wallet and they all looked at me.

"Where did you find this?" Louis asked walking closer to me.

"Why it's just a wallet!" I yelled.

"Ariel it may just be a wallet but the owner is who we are concerned about."Liam added.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"Niall Horan," Harry stated. All the lads sent Harry death glares. If looks could kill Harry would be past dead.

"Who is Niall Horan?" I asked.

"Niall love, is a outcast,"

Louis's POV

She looked over at Me."what did he do?"

"Well it all started a long time ago."

Flash back.

"Niall mate where were you?" I asked him as he walked through the door,

"Why do you care?"

I didn't like this side of Niall. He wasn't himself. The nice, calm. Happy Niall I'm used too.

"Niall I'm worried about you." I placed a hand on his shoulder.

He moved away. "Don't touch me."

I walked away and right then the breaking news cast appeared. Catching me and Nialls gaze.

"Breaking news. There are a series of deaths along the coasts. We can't show pictures because they are to graphic but all we know is it's not a weapon but a animal that has attacked.

They showed a picture of bite marks, but not any bite marks.

Vampire bite marks.


A tear slipped from his eye.

"A death toll at 23." The TV added.

"Niall you killed 23 people?" I asked scarred.

We all swore off people. We only eat animals.

"How could you?" I asked backing away.

"Louis help me I- I can't control it!" Niall exclaimed.

"Leave now Niall!"

End of flash back.

"And I felt like a arse after that." I added.

"I'm so sorry Louis," Ariel said.

"I haven't heard of the attacks in a while."

She looked at everyone.

"Will you kill me?"


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