Alive (niall horan vampire fanfic)

Ariel never believed in ware wolfs or vampires. Heck she didn't even believe in ghosts.
But one day walking home. She meets a different guy and she feels connected to him.
But the thing that she Doesn't know is, he's a vampire. And he's trying to protect her.


6. Niall.

Ariel's POV

We pulled up at Nialls place about a hour later.

I just sat there thinking of all the possible outcomes that could happen.

I could die

Niall could kill me.


I mean who wouldn't be scared. He's practically a murder.

Louis opened the door for me and I stepped out slowly.

"Just... It will be ok," we will check on you. " Louis cooed in my ear.

I hugged him. "Bye Lou,"

I said bye to the other lads and they all wave good bye.

I stepped up to the old house and knocked on the door stepping back.

The door opened slowly and I peaked inside.

I stepped in and looked around. No one.

"Hello Niall it's me Ariel" I called out fixing my turtle neck sweater. I hates turtle necks. But I had I wear this.

"Ariel?" I heard a voice call.

I turned around and nodded. "Yea remember you interrupted my dream"

"How could I forget." He said.

I felt hot air on my face.

I turned around to see Nialls face.

We stood there looking in each other's eyes.

"H-hi I'm A-Ariel." I said.

"Niall." He grabbed my hand. "Why would you wear such a, covering sweater?"

He started to pull down the turtle neck. And I felt hot breath on my neck.

"I know why I'm here," I blurted out.

He let go of my sweater."you do,"

I nodded. "You, um like me... Or something."

He sighed. "Sort of."

"So it's true?"

He scratched the back of his neck. "Yea"

I saw him blush.

I made Niall Horan the vampire blush?

Oh dear god help me.

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