Alive (niall horan vampire fanfic)

Ariel never believed in ware wolfs or vampires. Heck she didn't even believe in ghosts.
But one day walking home. She meets a different guy and she feels connected to him.
But the thing that she Doesn't know is, he's a vampire. And he's trying to protect her.


5. Ellie

Louis's POV

I was gonna kill Niall.

I couldn't believe that he ignored me...

I only try to help.

But now I have to find him... And stop him before this gets out of hand.

Ariel's POV

I fixed my hair and sat down in Louis's room. He wouldn't let me leave. He had to talk to the lads about something.

I know it was rather about me.... Or Niall.

I sighed and moved my hair over to the side and ran my fingers over the freshly bitten flesh.

I was starving.

I walked out of the room and peaked around the corner to make sure no one was watching.

"I told you she needs to come with me. We need to go see Niall."

"Are you kidding me she can't go near Niall. Did you see what he did to her?"

" yeah but remember the last girl?"

I walked inside as if I don't hear anything.

"Hey guys I'm starved. Can we go out and eat? After all, all the food you have in animal blood."

They nodded and we got into Harry's car.

"So guys what were you talking about?" I asked breaking the silence.

They were all silent.

"Um, just about how we were gonna protect you from Niall," Harry said.

"Harold!" All the lads yelled.

"Protect me?"

"Listen Ariel you don't know what he is capable of. But we need to get you to Niall," Louis said.

I gave him a "are you out of you mind" look and he sighed.

"Well lay time this happened..."

"Wait this happened before?" I asked.

"Let him finish!" Liam said.

"So as I was saying. There was a girl names Ellie. Niall loved her and we tried to protect her but he got to her and um... Killed her,"


"Because she fell In love with Louis." Zayn said.

"Yea he felt as if she betrayed him and killed her,"

I gulped. "But I don't like you or I don't even know Niall."

"Yea but babe listen you have to go to Niall to tell him that. Or try to love him." Zayn said.

I sighed. "Whatever."


Sorry I didn't update. The snow was killing me.

Anyway thanks for reading.


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