Alive (niall horan vampire fanfic)

Ariel never believed in ware wolfs or vampires. Heck she didn't even believe in ghosts.
But one day walking home. She meets a different guy and she feels connected to him.
But the thing that she Doesn't know is, he's a vampire. And he's trying to protect her.


9. almost part 1

I was laying in my bed twiddling my thumbs when I decided that I was hungry. Wheres the food in this place? I opened the door and went to go look around for the kitchen.

I looked everywhere but it was no where to be found, oh wait... He's a vampire.

I sighed and went to go ask Niall if he could take me out to eat. I went to his room and knocked on the door. "Come in" he said.

I opened the door. "Hey Niall can you-"

I was stopped to only see Niall Horan in this boxers.

Dear lord help me.

"Oh sorry." He blushed pulling on his pants leaving his torso completely exposed. But I had to admit, he was hot.

"So what were you saying Ariel?" He asked.

"I,I um.. I was saying. Do you have anything to eat around here I was hungry."

He shook his head. "No but we can go out. But we need to disguises ourselves."

I nodded "okey."

We walked in the bathroom and Niall sat me on the toilet, and I sat there waiting for him to make me up and himself. I was probably all over the news people looking for me. And Niall cleaned up pretty good.

He put on a brown haired wig a New York Yankees hat and a hoodie and sweats.

He gave me a blond wig and a sweat shirt and jeans to put on.

We walked out of the house and went to get food.

Sorry guys this is part one

I am tired.

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