Overnight Sensation

After being a normal girl who worked at a Bakery, she begins her new life in a famous band, travelling all over the world. But will the fame get to her head, and what will happen when band member, Harry Styles, asks her out on a date.


5. The Park

It took me about 3 minutes before I got there, to see a big crowd gathered around. I saw Nicole with Will and Jamie stood with a man in a suit and tie. Jamie saw me and waved me over, with a big grin on his face. I jogged over, pushing through the tight crowd who seemed to like me. Finally, I reached them, and I saw 5 other boys behind them. One of them had a familiar bunch of brown curls.
"Heyy, what are we doing here?" I asked looking round.
"BBC One wanted and interveiw with us and..." Nicole got cut off.
"And us," A familiar boy said in my ear. I turned around. It was Harry, along with his fellow band members. I smiled and turned back to my friends.
"Why us?" I said, "We're nobodys."
"No your not, your somebody to me." Harry whispered in ny ear, but I chose to ignore him.
"We're famous now," Will said and I laughed. He frowned. "No really!"
"Yea sure, lets go," I said before I was flung over someones shoulder. Harry...
"You aren't going anywhere, beautiful," He said and I blushed.
"Hazza has a crush!!!" Louis shouted and I raised my eyebrow, causing them to laugh. Harry finally put me down on a red sofa which faced a camera. My 'band' came and joined me.
Nicole winked at me and I rolled my eyes.

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