Overnight Sensation

After being a normal girl who worked at a Bakery, she begins her new life in a famous band, travelling all over the world. But will the fame get to her head, and what will happen when band member, Harry Styles, asks her out on a date.


3. Midnight Matrix

We got home and called round our 2 other friends, Jamie and Will. We all have a little school band called Midnight Matrix. None of us can remember how we came up with the name but we like it. We always meet up whenever we can so we could write new songs.
A few minutes after Nicole called them, they were here, barging through the door with Will carrying his guitar. After sitting around the table, Will with his guitar and Nicole with her keyboard, we began running through some notes. Not long after, I had an idea.

"Wait what about 'I try to get attention, Only managing to fail. Lost in the last generation, Left alone to grow pale." I almost shouted.
"Yea, yea," Said Jamie, smiling at me as Nicole tried to fit it with the notes.
"I like that!," Will shouted, "It could be called Attention."
We all mumbled and nodded and for the rest of the evening we added more lyrics before we had completed the song.
"You know, guys," I began, "We should upload some songs onto YouTube and get a few fans."
"Yes!!!" They all screeched and before I knew it we had the camera set up.
I was the lead singer in our band so I had to do all the chorus' and a verse. The small panasonic camera flashed three times, showing that it had started recording.
"Hello," I began to say, looking into the lense, "My name is Cacie."
"And Jamie!"
"And we are Midnight Matrix," I said, "and we will be singing an original song called Attention. We hope you like it."
And we started singing. After uploading our video and saying goodbye to the boys, me and Nicole sat on our beds, Nicole messing around on her phone.

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