Overnight Sensation

After being a normal girl who worked at a Bakery, she begins her new life in a famous band, travelling all over the world. But will the fame get to her head, and what will happen when band member, Harry Styles, asks her out on a date.


2. Bakery

"Hey Cacie," Mrs Raymon shouted, "Can you pass me the Strawberry Jam Tarts?!"
I gave a quick nod and headed towards her direction, with a try full of Tarts. She slid them into the class cabinet and gave me a quick smile before returning to the customer.
I liked Mrs Raymon. She wasn't your normal lady. She was more fun, and jolly. No one knew her first name though, but me and Nicole would make some up for her.
I went over to Nicole and lent on the conter while looking out of the window. The next batch of Blueberry Muffin's was cooking so I had about a 15 minute break at the most.
I was admiring the park veiw until a curly, brown haired boy walked through my veiw and into the shop.
Wait... Brown curly hair, Bright green eyes and cheeky dimples!! It was the Harry Styles!!!
Ok don't freak out!

I turned to Nicole and grinned like an idiot while she stood there with her eyebrow raised. I was about to tell her who just came in when I heard someone cough behind me.
I turned around to see no other than Harry Styles! Ok, play it cool Cacie...
"Hi, how can I help?" I asked with a slight smile.
"Um, I was wondering if you had any Blueberry Muffins?" He asked with his cute voice. Wait...the muffins! I forgot all about them!
I started panicking and ran over to the oven and threw open the door. Smoke came billowing out and I grabbed the tray.
Oh my lord. They were burnt to a crisp! I could hear Harry laughing behind me. I put the tray down and truned around with my hands on my hips.
"Hmm," He said sarcastically, "I think they are a little tiny bit burnt..."
"Really?!" I shouted, returning the sarcasm.
All he could do was laugh and before I knew it, he was rolling on the floor like an idiot while I was stood there frowning.
Wait, I thought, He's Harry Styles.
"Um," I mumbled, interrupting his floor rolling, "Could I have an autograph?" I passed him a slip of paper and he nodded, scribbling down with a HSBC pen. He handed it back to me and as he walked oit the door he said, "Forget about the  Muffins."
I looked down at the paper to see more than and autogragh,
'Hey beautiful, call me sometime? Harry.' And a set of digits. I didn't know how to react and before I knew it, I was screaming!
Mrs Raymon glared at me and I walked out the door, while grabbing my coat off the hook, Nicole following closely behind.

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