Dear Diary...

For the Dear Diary competition. This is gonna be weird, I can tell.


35. November 21st 2015

Yesterday, November 20th, I discovered that yet again, I can't make real world friends my own age to save my life.

My Sociology class has a group chat. It's mainly for posting links, asking about homework, and general school stuff. Yet I discovered that homework isn't the only thing people have a problem with there.


"Guys, I can't cope with sitting next to Bri. Anyone got a space next to them?"

"I do, don't worry. Don't think anybody wants her around."

"If I had one, I'd let you. I have to have her in Psychology. Always so annoying."

"She used to sit next to me constantly last year. Even when I moved, she'd be there. She's like herpes. Once you got her, you can't get rid of her."

"I just can't cope next to her. I think she wants friends,, not doing it right."

"Bri? You mean Briony? Yeah, she's just irritating. I struggle not to flip out on her from across the room."

"Know what you mean. Apparently she may get kicked out. I know she tries her hardest and just wants to do good, but I hope she does get kicked out."



Thanks for that. Good to know that my Sociology class says that about me behind my back. I guess I'm not supposed to have real-world friends.

They're gonna get what they want. I'm lucky to get an E on a 33m essay for homework, and my teacher's struggling to find reason to keep me on. I have stress-induced gastritis, so I get crippling stomach pains and can't eat much, so I've had to miss a lot of days. Plenty of reason for me to drop Sociology, even thought I got a high B last year, with 98/100 UMS on one of the papers.

This now is the final push. Alongside struggling grades and low attendance through illness, turns out I'm not actually wanted there. Why stay where I'm not wanted and failing?

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