Dear Diary...

For the Dear Diary competition. This is gonna be weird, I can tell.


3. May 8th 2015

We've got Tories. Effing brilliant. Looks like getting a job, going to university, and renting/buying a house in the UK is going to be completely impossible for an underclass/working-class girl like me.

Now I kinda have to go study at BCC. For one it's much cheaper for longer, homes are cheaper, and I can actually getting a job without having my parents know the manager of where I'm applying to.

It's sh** in England at the moment, and will be until we get another non-Tory and non-UKIP election.

Ah well, I can't vote, so I don't get a voice and an opinion. Nothing I could have done, and nothing I can do. Though if the Union of Students, which I'm a part of, call more strikes over any uni fees getting increased (don't put it past the Tories not to), I will be there.

Movellas is doing this #WhatMakesYouHappy thing. Supposed to say what makes us happy with the hashtag in our mumbles. Thing is...I've got so many things that I won't fit it in. Even the little things, like the toffee nut or salted caramel lattes from the train station cafe. They're expensive, but they're a guilty pleasure after school on a Friday when I'm knackered.

Same with autumn. Don't know if it's do do with being born in the autumn (September baby) but I just really like it. I always feel better in the autumn, or in autumn-like weather. You know, when the wind's cool-borderline-cold but not biting, the sky's grey, and the leaves have started falling enough that they're still being picked up by the winds and not crushed into brown ick on the pavements. Autumn just feels pretty. It's why I picked an autumn photo for the cover of this, but I'm probs gonna change it later.

Plus it's got Halloween in it, and Halloween's definitely my best holiday. I'm not big on Christmas really as it's cold and being honest, more for little kids than anything else. I'm not big on Easter either as it's a bit overhyped and the chocolate eggs are a bloody rip-off. No, I prefer Halloween. I get to be creepy and have my fangirl over creepy things and nobody thinks it's weird. I have a thing for creepy shiz, but not in the OTT creepy Original-Creepypasta-Russian-Sleep-Experiment-and-all-that level creepy. Diet Creep™. Don't get me wrong, I like all that other stuff, but the mildly-gothic, Halloween creepy Diet Creep™ stuff is my personal favourite.

And I have a guilty like for Halloween merchandise. You know, that plastic mass-produced stuff that's like a skull hand goblet or plastic gravestones. I love that sorta stuff. Though it's corny, it's still good. I have Halloween themed Yankee Candles still. Witches Brew tealights and two votive candles in Candy Corn and Ghostly Treats. It's corny and kinda weird, but I like that stuff.

It's why I really want to go to Disneyland at Halloween. They've got lots of that stuff there at Halloween. I sound like such a child from that, but I can't help it. I have a thing about creepy stuff for Halloween.

And watching Let's Plays on YouTube. I don't know why. They're just good. Mainly on the Elder Scrolls games. I've only played two myself (Morrowind and Oblivion) but they're so good. Especially the storylines for the quests and lore behind everything. Personal favourites being Oblivion Dark Brotherhood (Skyrim's is a bit meh), Daedric Quests in Skyrim (they're pretty good) and a few in Oblivion (though Meridia's was a bit sh**), the Thieves Guild quests, Oblivion Mages Guild, and some of the side quests. I just like the lore behind the Daedric ones too. I sound so bad for this, but my personal favourites all are a bit dark at best and pure evil at best. Except Azura. Nocturnal, Azura, Sheogorath (he is just p**s funny), Mephala, and I feel guilty...but I actually think Molag Bal's my favourite. I think it was the Skyrim quest for him that did it for me. I feel really bad, but I dunno, he's just interesting.

I'm probably just weird. From going back over my thoughts, I can confirm, I'm just weird.

And I'm proud of it.

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