Dear Diary...

For the Dear Diary competition. This is gonna be weird, I can tell.


22. May 29th 2015

I hate my mind.

I got another idea for HalfBlood. Replacing part of the prophecy. 'Imperfectly Virtuous' is no more. Now it's 'Reject the Ancient Falsehoods of thy tainted bloodline's half'.

Again, this came from the Elder Scrolls. I play those games too much but anyway, it came from the Daedric princes. Most notably remembering a lore series about their hidden history. Like how the images of Hermaeus Mora come from two different god-creatures from the Lovecraftian stories, etc. Well, this one came from Molag Bal. Notably his name. They come from two named demons, featured in ancient religious texts. Molag Bal basically equals Moloch and Ba'al. So bull-headed (literally) child sacrificer and an ancient Middle Eastern (Wikipedia says Canaanite) god of weather and stormy seas that got twisted into prince of the lower realms of Hell.

It got me thinking about Biblical influences, and how most of the ancient gods of the middle east and that kind of area got twisted and made into demons, which somehow lead me onto how I made my own ancient Vampiric Goddesses. As my main character is the aspect of a Human Goddess, naturally she'd be opposed to the ancient Vampiric ones. So the trial would be to defeat each aspect of each of the sixteen Vampiric ones. The fifteen queens and a king. Though all are female. So an aspect of Night, Blood, Stars, Childbirth, Transformations, the Grave, Time, the Hunt, War, Intellect, Seduction, Love, Revenge, Prosperity, and Supremacy. Auna, Aklenis, Eshene, Iphine, Ova, Apana, Nethys, Rinera, Nayja, Itinia, Muna, Sedea, Myktrix, Domnera, Eva, and Rasphine.

That or have her defeat each one and wake Nethys.

Eh, my mind's just strange.

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