Dear Diary...

For the Dear Diary competition. This is gonna be weird, I can tell.


18. May 21st 2015

Ok, I have my only morning exam today. Sociology. Education and Research Methods. Should be pretty good. I know very little about the Education section but it's easy to get marks even if you don't know much. If you can pick some real world examples you'll get marks. Research Methods is too easy. I did it in Psychology and I can cross-reference the two subjects.

To think, yesterday I was so stressed about History. Panicking about Thatcher coming up, about anything economical, and anything on a particular non-education policy coming up. I don't know why I was worrying two BEST topics in the entire Britain 1945-1990 course came up!

Section A, the 1964 election. From Conservative to Labour, Sir Alec Douglas Home to Harold Wilson. Was it Sir Alec that caused the Conservative defeat, or anything else? Stop-go policy, the EEC rejection, or the MANY scandals of 1963. Seriously, for some of them, you couldn't make it up.

It was particularly good as there was a large chunk on the scandals. John Vassal and Kim Philby, the two Soviet spies in the House of Commons allowed to get away after being caught sending government secrets to the USSR, literally MONTHS after the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Duchess of Argyll (who should have married Plymouth Argyll, not the duke) being caught engaging in group sex with 88 different men including two Cabinet ministers who appeared in various compromising photos with her. Well there goes the previous respect for royalty.

And finally, what I was praying would come up, the Profumo Affair. Another Soviet spy, the Cabinet Minister for War, an 'osteopath' running a brothel on the side, and a call girl known for serving many members of the Soviet Embassy in her time. Sounds like the start of a really cheesy joke. So the entire affair had spies, deception, sex, and the osteopath/brothel owner committing suicide in court with a cyanide pill. Even if the Daily Fail collaborated with the Sun and Hollywood's best scriptwriters, they couldn't make it up.

The clincher was the Section B option. 1945 Attlee election! Hell yes! Very first thing we did! Churchill's VERY badly timed and badly judged Labour smear campaign speech, and the public refused to forget the past! Two best elements! Churchill's speech on how the Labour policies would require "some sort of Gestapo" to enforce. say something like that literally less than three months after the liberation of Bergen Belsen and not even ONE month after the liberation of Auschwitz-Berkenau...not the best move. Added to that how the Conservatives were tarred with the brush of the broken promises after WW1 (Land Fit For Heroes never happened), the Great Depression in Britain, and the disaster of appeasement in the 1930s, and the Conservatives had a poor record to overcome if they had a hope in getting elected.

Don't even know why I was worrying. Had I known those topics would come up, I wouldn't have stressed myself out so much.

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