Dear Diary...

For the Dear Diary competition. This is gonna be weird, I can tell.


14. May 17th, even later still

I really wanna genderswap one of the characters in my in-draft secret novel. It would fit the story a bit more, and just feels right for one of the characters. Like she's begging me 'I should be a he'.

I'm keeping the first name though. And the general appearance (colouration and style) but aside from that, I'm gonna make her male. It just feels like it fits better. I'll have to edit a few details, but aside from that, I'm having the character be male. Just gotta go from Neried to Nereus, and Fenella to Ford, but that isn't that bad, or hard.

Plus I have to move the rating up from Y to R. Not for sexual content...perhaps a bit for violence, but definitely for language. Third paragraph in the main character curses at someone.

Guess that fits who she is though.

This is harder than I first thought.

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