Dear Diary...

For the Dear Diary competition. This is gonna be weird, I can tell.


11. May 17th 2015

I really need to watch how much Skyrim I consume. The bloated spider I described in my last entry, "World Sinned Her", actually reminds me so much of Maven Black-Briar. I'm not kidding, from her voice, to her attitude. Maven Black-Briar is SO much like "World Sinned Her" it's scary! Even some of the lines of dialogue she has could VERY easily be from "World Sinned Her" at some key moments.

"Is that confidence I hear... or is it arrogance? Strange how often they're confused."

That sounds so much like something "World Sinned Her" would say.

"All I care about is cause and effect. Did the job get done, and was it done correctly. There's no grey area."

And that.

"One more time in case I wasn't clear. You butcher this and you'll be sorry."

And that! It's like Maven Black-Briar was made for "World Sinned Her" in every way! Especially as if you go in Maven's house you find she performed the Black Sacrament for the Dark Brotherhood to kill someone for her. I'm not joking, she's flipping perfect for her!

I've also got a bit of a way to start off the new overhaul, again based on the Dark Brotherhood. I guess by now you've realised I think the Dark Brotherhood is awesome. Anyway, it's from the start of the Skyrim Dark Brotherhood. Where you get kidnapped in your sleep and wake up to Astrid's purring voice. I won't give any more details in case any plagiarists on here get involved (as they do exist on here still) but it's a lot like that. Plus an aspect of the start of ACID, by Emma Pass. Particularly that one line.

"I can tell what he's thinking as clearly as if he'd said it out loud: A girl? Here? What the hell?
And then, so quickly I almost miss it, a smile flickers across his lips, his eyes narrowing as surprise turns to anticipation. A girl. Here. What're the chances?"

You know, from shock to pervert in a flash. I really need to get around to properly reading ACID too. It looks like a good book. Main character's the kind of badass that I like. And the writing has the same snarky, brutal tone as mine. Kendare Blake, Emma Pass, and Lili StCrow all have such great snarky tones.

I'm going off on one again now. I keep doing that. Anyway, it's so much like the start of the Skyrim Dark Brotherhood, with elements of ACID, and now I think about it, part of The Handmaid's Tale from what I've overheard.

Yeah, it's basically very feminist, and very badass.

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