Dear Diary...

For the Dear Diary competition. This is gonna be weird, I can tell.


9. May 16th 2015

I really need to sort out a definitive starting plotline for one of my in-draft stories. Like, I know certain key events I want to have in the story, but I keep getting stuck on how to actually start it and the general concept setting for it. I've had about 2-3 different startups actually written down, and a new one in my head. First three, kinda similar. New a mix between The Hunger Games, Only Ever Yours, and Fight Club.

Don't ask, but that's what it seems like. Though I've never seen nor read the script for Fight Club, so that last part's debatable.

I'm gonna be Skyping one of my closest friends at the same time as writing, by the way diary. It's gonna be quite late as he's from the USA and time zones are a b**ch. It's currently 1:09 as I type this sentence.

Ok, so...I have no idea what to write for this. My exam-time entries are pretty short so I feel like I need to make up for it. Plus I missed my first no-need-for-school day yesterday so I feel like I owe it to the diary to make it good.

Suppose I could write a list here. Lists are good for this sorta thing. Maybe a list of books I wanna get around to reading.

The books thing is kinda important. I just haven't had any time to read since school started in September. I'm not kidding, I have not read any books since September. I do these Halloween Resolutions instead of New Year's, and one is to read at least one book a week. There's a little tally chart on the list of resolutions and it has not been ticked once.

I really wanna get back into it again. I need to really.

So yeah, list of books I wanna get around to reading.

1. The Day I Met Suzie. It's been on my shelf mocking me since I bought it and read the first few pages.

2. 1984. I need more dystopia.

3. The Handmaid's Tale. Seen samples for it for a friend's English Lit and it looked good!

4. Finding Jennifer Jones. I read the first book, Looking For JJ, and I kinda feel obliged to.

5. Betrayals, Jealousy, Defiance and Reckoning. Read the first book, loved it, and it gave me my dragged-through-broken-glass writing style.

6. Noughts and Crosses. Read it once when I was about 11 and I feel like I should reread it.

That's about it so far. Can't really think of any more I'd like to get around to reading.

I dunno...should I type up the general gist of my new idea? It's a bit abstract but eh, might remember it better.

Eh, there are idea-thieves on here, so best not. If I do it'll be tomorrow anyway. I'm in the middle of a Skype call.

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