Dear Diary...

For the Dear Diary competition. This is gonna be weird, I can tell.


10. May 16th 2015, a bit later

This is why I can say it's not wrong to love Skyrim Let's Plays more than the actual game. They can trigger memories of things connected to the game and general lore that can be twisted and used for story purposes. That and if I can't become a writer I have some AWESOME ideas for future Elder Scrolls quests. Mainly Daedric. For example a tournament where a weak Joffery-Baratheon-esque king/Jarl/whatever is battered into submitting to a common beggar with superior power (Molag Bal), be taken into Meridia's realm of The Caladrunes where the spirit of Potema has latched on and is leeching the energy of the realm to resurrect herself and spite the Prince, (Meridia) cause an affair the night before a wedding and make it public, (Mephala) and lure the purest and most innocent priestess of Dibella into "having fun". Aka. sex, skooma, and a naked jam session with a bard. (Sanguine) Though I do have a damn good one for the Dark Brotherhood that would be awesome!

It's the Dark Brotherhood that inspired my little idea to add into my in-draft story. To be more accurate, it was Dark Brotherhood fan art. Not of Lucien Lachance though, despite how some fan artists have drawn him as HOT with that poisoned apple. No, this fan art was of Skyrim's psycho jester, Cicero. This fan art to be precise.

Most precisely, the text. Not the whole "Sweet Mother, Sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptised in blood and fear" but just the last part, scrawled on the wall in blood. Knowing how insane Cicero went after taking on the aspect of his jester victim, it's probably his own blood.

You're probably wondering what the hell a Let's Play has to do with this. Well, the LP was the trigger that got me thinking. If you don't kill him (which is advisable) he can be your follower, and has some...interesting lines of dialogue to say. One was somehow the trigger. Don't know how, but this one line of his got me thinking of the fan art.

"ho ho ho, and hee hee hee, break that lute across my knee... and if the bard, should choose to fight, why then I'll set his clothes alight..."

Yeah, he's insane, but in an inspiring way. That got me thinking of the fan art, and the text in blood. Like I said, as Cicero's insane, he's most likely written it in his own blood. He's that sort of insane.

The main character of my in-draft novel is going to temporarily lose her mind, but not as much. A combination of regret, trauma, panic, minor delusions and her core determined nature is what does it for her. Without giving away too much, the central antagonist, the mortal incarnate/representation of Mephala the Webspinner has a name that's a play on "World Sinned Her", which I came up with deliberately for my own secret reasons. She realises this central Webspinner is the cause of all her recent sorrows, the cause of many deaths around her, and has been deliberately trying to break her into little pieces as this bloated spider's favourite pet has started to bite the hand that feeds her, and needs to learn her place.

So in a blind panic from realising what's really been going on, the main character wants to warn the few she has close to her what's really going on. She finds a razor blade and slits open her palm with seven cuts, then uses her finger to write 'The Seven Virtues of the World: Diligence, Chastity, Humility, Abstinence, Leberality, Patience, and Kindness' on the white wall of the home she shares with her significant other, seals it with a bloody handprint, and keeps repeating the process (words then handprint), getting sloppier and messier and dropping punctuation and spaces. It ends up looking like this: 'theSevenvirtuesoftheWorldDiligencechastityhumilityabstinenceleberalitypatience' and she keeps going until her significant other comes home and catches her. Unsure what to do with her...she's forced into therapy. Bladeless now, she repeats her own distorted poem on the wall of the therapist's office using his letter opener (and kicking him hard in the nuts when he tries to pry her off and take it off her).

'I fought and lived and overcame so when she appeared under revolt father's name who called herself a truest friend but she proved to be too many's end I swallow her lies and take them in believing in her words of sin and bloody death and wicked lies she told as she looked into my eyes her favourite pet her easiest pawn still trapped within her naive dawn she killed those close and got away and claimed it was I did disobey for I forgot her word is God and to every demand my head should nod for to disobey will earn the end of one I love at her will for in her heart I'm her one true hate and my happiness should dissapate so I will pull this off without a hitch for I will end that FUCKING BITCH!'

My god that sounds so weird and so wrong. The repetition thing also sounds so much like in the diary of the mad killing Black Hand member in Oblivion, where he repeats all those phrases. You know, those pages of things like 'killhimkillhim', 'safefromthedarknessofpeoplehorriblepeoplekillthemall', 'greenblueREDyelloworangegreenblueREDyellowBLACKBLACKBLACK!!!'
 '!eid lliw ecnahcaL neicuL'

You know, those. Sounds so much like it.

I would say I'm sorry for all the TES references, but honestly, I'm not. They help me keep track of plans. Kinda like TV tropes. And as I watch so many Lore videos related to TES (Hidden History included) I can get the obscure references and get it right.

I really wanna do a Lore Series for my novel HalfBlood. It's based off the RP group I'm in here on movellas. Could do one on the races/creatures (vampires, demons, Magi, Vessalias, Retrogrades, Transcendants, angels, and even the Only One of the new creatures, Desiree). But I really wanna do one about the individual characters. I know the TES one only does key characters (Talos, Potema, Almalexia, Vivec, Sotha Sil, Nerevarine, and Ulfric Stormcloak) but the Fallout one does all the characters.

Meh, suppose I could. Might get something for it besides experience and boredom busting. I'd disturb people with Desiree, Astraea, Holly, and several others.

I really did get off topic here, but hey, that's how my mind works. Weird connections lead to inspiration.

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