Dear Diary...

For the Dear Diary competition. This is gonna be weird, I can tell.


32. June 30th 2015

I think I go a bit far on backstories for my Dark Brotherhood fanfiction. I've got backstories for every assassin in the family. Sharwendy, Camena Charmaine, Rosette and Boudicca Vautrelle, Effe-Zeeis, Daro'Rihana, Savil Felaano, Svansine and Skogsra Bronze-Heart, and Banshee, the family's pet hyena.

Some are more detailed, like Camena's, the bloodstained child-bride who got in after beheading the Thalmor Ambassador she was betrothed to and abused by since eleven years old, finally snapping on her wedding night. Or the alchemist Rosette Vautrelle, widow of lifelong assassin Orion Vautrelle (I based him WAY too much on Lucien Lachance) who died five years ago, and their ten year old daughter Boudicca Vautrelle.

Others, not so much, like the new last-first Shadowscale Effe-Zeeis, who taught himselves the ancient tricks of the Shadowscales after first learning about them and that he fit the criteria. Or the sugar-toothed thief, lookout, and scout Daro'Rihana, who killed a skooma dealer, tried his thieved stock for herself, and now spends half the time tripping on it, and the rest gathering extra background information on any contacts.

I think I'm becoming obsessed with backstories. And finding images on Google that match them.

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