Dear Diary...

For the Dear Diary competition. This is gonna be weird, I can tell.


31. June 23rd 2015

I hate having really late story ideas. Especially when I'm trying to get to sleep and planning what I'm doing for Sociology soon. We're getting into the subdivisions of the sociological viewpoints, so things like Traditional Marxism and Neo-Marxism, New Right and Radical Right, and the ones I know are gonna spark the most conflict in class, as we have 2 boys and 15 girls. Traditional Feminism, Modern Feminism, and the one I honestly loathe, Radical Feminism.

Aka Tumblr Feminism. The ones that say, "Hating men is natural. Men kill. Men rape. Men torture and control. Hating men is natural as all men are part of the patriarchy" but if you remind them women do all those things to, they get all whiny and say to stop "oppressing" them.

So why I took down my tumblr after two weeks. I only made one post, the first chapter of my Dark Brotherhood fanfic, and I had seven "feminists" complain. Mainly about the same thing. I shouldn't have a woman as an assassin as women don't kill, but I shouldn't have a male protagonist as that gives men too much power.

I honestly feel ashamed to call myself a Feminist, as though I'm a Modern Feminist (equal rights for women, no wage gap between men and women, all genders and races should have freedom of choice, and recognising and including transgender, bigender, LGBTA, etc.) there are way too many associations between Feminism and the "all men are pigs" morons for me to actually mention it.

Anyway, looking through a rather battered second-hand A2 Sociology textbook on Crime and Deviance, we get to the viewpoints on women and crime, why women are committing more crimes, and why it generates a media frenzy when a woman commits a crime (there's a whole TV series dedicated to women killers only, with a spin-off series dedicated to British female killers, Deadly Women and Deadly Women UK) but not when a woman is a victim of a crime. It was mainly on the individual feminist subdivisions' viewpoints.

Traditional Feminism said it was as women have more freedom than they ever have and more freedom means more of an opportunity to commit crime.

Modern Feminism said a similar thing but it was also how some poorer, lower-class women have to resort to crimes such as theft to survive, especially with the rise of single motherhood.

However, Radical Feminism ruined the lot. It said it was all a myth of the patriarchy to demonise and oppress women further, and that women don't commit crimes, and if they do it's only to fight against male oppression.

It did give me an idea of a new story to write, set in a Radical Feminist world. One where any man can be arrested on the spot and charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, simply for being male. Where males are kept under curfew, raised to be submissive and obedient, job limits where they can't earn over £18,000 per annum, male products cost more, and far more social restrictions are placed on men.

I won't say anything about the actual plot, but for the title, I'm calling it 'Hu(Wo)man'.

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