Hearts United >> Ashton Irwin

He was truly catch and I wanted to be his. The only problem is, he's not allowed to feel love or be loved. No compassion was to be shown on him for he would kill, or be killed.


2. Chapter 1

"Hey Ashton," I squeak out, in hopes he will hear me. 

Ashton nods his head at me, his hair ruffling in between his bandana. 


In Cloverfield, there was no school. I've heard of tales of things like school from old folklores, but never actually thought I'd experience something like it. I was currently sat in my training class. Training classes were for people who had to act more like a Lacer. My problem, and most of everyone in this room was we had to be more open. Lacer's were known to run things and take charge, so we had to be taught to be more open. As for Ashton, he had to be taught to be less of a Mangler, he was as the council said, 'too killy'. I laugh at the council's fear of Ashton. Someone who looked as lovable as him can't be too bad. 


"He literally killed three mice last week," whispered Mason, my desk mate. 

"Mason, can you please not do that?" I plead. Mason was a rare breed, he was a LacerX. He had extra powers and was voted most likely to rule Cloverfield. He could read minds, and for some reason he always chose mine; says he'd like to experiment with it one day. As if. Mason was put in training class so he could learn to use his powers for good, but no good could come to a mind like his. 

If I read correctly, one who reads minds becomes a little more like the person who's minds he reads. I got confused reading the book. It made no sense, but I guess I could infer what it was trying to say. I guess that's why he never reads Ashton's mind, no matter how hard I beg and plead. 


"Could you please stop reading my mind?" 

"I wish I could but I can't so I shan't." 

I roll my eyes and continue my admiration towards Ashton in a subtle way. 

"You're gross. You know that?" 

"How so?" 

"Well not gross. Just, disobedient. You know you're not suppose to have feelings for a Mangler. Council will kill you. Why do you think they make him wear the bandana?"

"Because they think it looks stupid when in reality it looks really cute and makes him look really cuddly?"

Mason points a finger at his mouth and gags. "Be glad I'm not reporting you to council, science experiment." He smirks at me. 



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