Life with boys

my name is Lizzy Kinney. This is all about me living with boys. My three brothers Joey, Micheal, Jordan and joey and Jordan are twins. My dad is a basketball couch his name is Chris. His wife died on Nov. 21, and he cant make it without his wife.
can Lizzy make it?


1. New chapter

Hello I'm Lizzy and my mom got in a car crash she died on my birthday she went to go get my present and cake I was only 2 turning 3 my mom had me and my brothers Joey and Jorden are twins there the youngest and Micheal is the oldest he was 5 when are mom died joey and jorden were 1 when my mom died my dad the basketball couch is chris he was with her but didn't die he just got hert it was hard to live with all boys we half to share a bathroom but for some wierd reason i lived it was hard but i got a cople trickes up my sleave one time i put ropes on the door nobe and the could not open the door it was funny i still am sad on my birthday so i go see my moms grave i don't have birthday party's i have a day were i hang with friends but we  moved from are old house and thats how all my life changed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

            sorry for a short chapter but I have a short time but hope you liked it (:  

                                by creativegirl101 xxxxxx 


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