Life with boys

my name is Lizzy Kinney. This is all about me living with boys. My three brothers Joey, Micheal, Jordan and joey and Jordan are twins. My dad is a basketball couch his name is Chris. His wife died on Nov. 21, and he cant make it without his wife.
can Lizzy make it?


2. new bathroom

P.O.V  Lizzy

                  "Dad" i said  "what" my dad said. "The boys are taking to long in the bathroom"

"boys don't take to long in the bathroom your going to blow the power out" "we are done' said the boys. "finally" i was almost done and  the power went out todays picture day and i look like a mess  i know who can fix this ally i went to go get ally and she asked what happend i said brothers thats what happend can you fix it please i can and i looked amazing thanks so much no dealy o ok and all of a sudden Micheal walkes by with a ice cream cone and ran right into me he blamed it on me realy i 'm next and i have this on me next the man said no i have ice cream on me can i change plz no get over it smile then i got home and told dad i need a new bathroom he said as long as we clean i went up stairs while the boys took the kitchen i clean the hole up stairs.


P.O.V  boys 

                   we took the kitchen and let the dog help he licked the plates and we just sat  but Lizzy saw and said she will throw away Micheals mirror and throw away jordens signed autoghaph of a basketball player and throw away my gum ball of chewed gum seince i was 2 so we got it all cleaned 

and Lizzy got her bathroom and we all got are stuff back she hid it in the clothes hamper.


i made this a long chapter hope you liked it  XXXXX

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