This book was a request! Have fun!!



I sat in the black leather couch in the living room, checking mails on my smartphone. Suddenly comes a almost naked and very wet Levi running into the room, leaning against the door frame, catching his breath. He was only wearing a towel around his hips. You could slightly sense a six-pack and muscles at his arms. He wasn't buff, but he had some muscles. I had to focus to not get too turned on. Then he shrieked: " You said you live alone!!!" "I do." I said looking up from my phone. "Then explain why a girl came into the bathroom, seeing me NAKED!!" "That's probably one of my servants, don't worry she's harmless" I said, waving my hand in sign to not think about it. He stared in my eyes, looking very confused: "You have servants? But then you don't live alone." "I do live alone. Get on some clothes and I'll explain it to you." I said looking down on my phone again. He sarcastically took a hand to his chest, acting insulted and gasped. Then he immediately tried to strike a sexy pose, witch ended up looking cute instead: "You don't think I look sexy?" I looked up from my phone and chuckled: "More like cute." What a confidence I got!! Haha!  

He just smirked and turned around to walk upstairs again: "then this Cutie will take on some clothes, wait for me, darling!" Darling?! He's such an idiot... A cute idiot.

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