This book was a request! Have fun!!


4. The Maids....

"Nice clothes, Levi!" I shouted as Levi came downstairs. He came over to me, with a flirty smirk on his lips: "Yeah, these skinny jeans is pretty sexy, right?" He's right, damn those skinny black jeans.... Without knowing I was biting my lip, while looking him up and down. He obviously noticed, but he just smirked: "Looks like you thinks so too. Well what did you want to show me?" I snapped out of my dreams and looked at him: "Ehm... Yes! It's the maids, I do live alone. Just follow me." I said waving him to follow me. He gladly followed me into the big dark entrance. All the rooms where kinda dark, since I'm a vampire, so we don't let the sunlight come in. But now we stood there in the hall: "Let me show you how it makes sense." I said sending Levi a smirk. I waved one of the maids over to us: "Does Master want me to do anything?" "No it's fine, Misa, no need to worry.-" I Turned my head against Levi: "- Levi, this is Misa, The chief maid." Misa bowed at Levi to show her respect. Heh, I can't wait to see his reaction... I pulled my sword out and cut Misa over, at least 10 times. The blood fell to the floor the a loud splash-sound, and Levi jumped scared. Levi looked scared at the big pool of blood on the floor, and I said calmly to him: "Don't worry she'll revive in a minute." The blood started to she her body again and she slowly came back. Levi looked scared at the human-shaped blood and stuttered: "H-ho-how?" I pulled my sword back and hugged him tight: "It's because she's made of blood only. She's not human, neither any other creature, she's just blood. My blood." "Bu-But then y-you can die." He said on the edge of crying. "Hey, no need to worry, i'm immortal." I said calm and kissed his forehead. He pulled a little away from me and looked at me. I immidiately started blushing, but he just smiled happily.

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