This book was a request! Have fun!!


1. Prologue

"Allow me to be your blood host" 

He just came up to me and said that. He's my best friend and I've been secretly in love with him since forever. We tell each other everything since we're best friends wich means he also know that I'm a vampire. 

"Hey Levi I have to tell you something. I'm Gay."; the hardest secret I've ever told him. But he really surprised me by his reaction to it. He was just like: "That's cool, but you know....I kinda knew it already. I saw you making out with David some days ago."

Yes, David was my boyfriend. I was with him even though I didn't love him. I just tried to forget about my crush for Levi. And I ended up with him noticing, it was over.


But then some day after, he just came up to me and that's were our story starts.

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