This book was a request! Have fun!!


2. New Home then?

"Caleb, Allow me to be your blood host." Levi said to me, standing really close to me. I felt my cheeks burning. "Wh-what are you saying, Levi? Are you drunk?" I said nervous, mentally face palming myself for stuttering. Stop being so awkward, Caleb! Don't ruin your chances! "Caleb, I'm serious. I got O type blood by the way." He said with a wink. Dammit! Levi stop being so cute! "Well okay then. But then you have to live with me, okay?" "Yup, I can't wait. Just us, best friend alone!!" Yeah, best friends... Nothing more...


We entered my dark mansion, hey I'm a vampire of course I live in a dark mansion! Levi pulled all his luggage with him into the hall, and just stood there looking around:"You live here alone?" 

"yes, it's a tradition that vampire parents leave their kids when they turn 15. But even tho it's 3 years since, I'm still not comfortable with being alone here." I said looking down on my feet. But then I felt Levi hugging me from behind, whispering in my ear: "No need to be afraid anymore, I'm here for you." "Ehh.... Let me show you your room." I said and started walk fast to the stairs, I wouldn't let him see how red my face was.


We now stood inside Levi's new room: "Do you like it?" I said, my face finally normal again. "Yes, i like how bright it is, i guess it's the only room that will be light. But were can I put my clothes?" Levi said making a cute face. Damn this is going to be hard. "Eh.. In the this -" I opened a small slide door: "- Walk-in Closet! I made it to you since I know how much you love fashion." I smiled proud. Levi's eyes were lighting up in happiness, and that face just made my day. I ran over and hugged me, while I just stood there, blushing. I finally hugged him back, smiling brighter than ever.

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