This book was a request! Have fun!!


6. Meal Time

"Enough" said Levi and started kissing my bare chest. -god this cutie make me feel way too good- I thought. Levi then looked seductively up at me and said: "must be mealtime right?" And then he grabbed the knife from me nightstand. He took the knife to his neck, looking me in the eyes. He cut a long but thin line, still making sure not to loose eye contact. I could feel my fangs come out by the smell of his delicious blood. And before I even knew myself were I on top of him. I bent down to his ear and whispered: "Take your shirt off." And kissed his earlope. I heard a small whimper escape his delicious mouth and sat up just looking at the angel under me." He smiled and put his arms around my neck. "Allow me to kiss you." Levi said and pulled me down for a kiss. When I felt his pink lips at mine I immidiatly kissed him back. After what seemed like too short time we pulled away and I started to kiss and lick his so soft neck, licking away his precious blood. I heard a small moan from his mouth and he exposed his neck further. I wanted to hear more of that godlike sound so I kissed his jawline and found his sweet spot when I came to his ear. I sucked at his sweet spot and hear small sound from him. Afterward I licked the purple mark I had made him, marking him mine. I then kissed my way back to his neck and dug my fangs down. I heard him making some painful groans and I immidiatly stopped. Before he could say anything I kissed him. When I pulled away I smiled lovingly at him: "thank you, but I don't want to hurt you.

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