This book was a request! Have fun!!


5. Good night

"Goodnight Levi!!" I shouted down the hallway and went into my room. I was only sleeping in my briefs. I couldn't think for very long before I drifted off to sleep. Only an hour or so passed before I woke up hearing footsteps: "Caleb, I can't sleep. My room is too light." Levi stood there in the doorway, in his t shirt and briefs tightly hugging his pillow. Aww,he's so cute, wait he can't sleep? Should I offer him to sleep here with me?... I leaned up on my elbows looking at him: "Then...sleep here with me, then the light can't do anything." He smiled brightly and snuggled under the blanket next to me. Oh shit, he's so close... I was laying on my back, looking up at the ceiling. He cuddled up to me, laying his hand on my bare chest. Shit, he makes my chest burn.... I smiled and kissed his forehead: "Sleep well, Levi." I laid my arm around him, protectively pulling him closer to me.  A smile came over his face as he cuddled even closer up to me. I fell happily asleep, with a slight smile.


Uhmm..... Levi.... Kiss me more....


I woke up next morning, feeling Levi's head laying on my chest, With his head on my shoulder to keep me close. I've never slept so well, I wish the cutie could sleep with me every night.... "Had a good dream about me, Huh?" Levi said his head still laying on my chest. Oh shit, He heard it......

I blushed red and my cheeks were burning up: "Ho-How mush did you hear?" He just kissed my bare chest, with his soft lips: "Enough"

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