The boy with the black Toms (Harry styles fanfic) "ON HOLD"

Mia's P.O.V
I was sobbing while walking down the street and I was asking myself why is he doing this to me, I then found the alley and ran in and just sat against the wall sobbing with my head in my hands but then I heard some foot steps I was getting worried when I looked up I couldn't see anything, when the light started to creep in I could see it was a boy in the black Toms.

What will this boy do to her will he just treat her worse then she's been treated or will he save her from what she was going through find in the boy with the black Toms


1. I meet the boy in the black toms

Hi I'm Mia I'm 18 and I got to school I have friends that support me through this and I love then for that. my mom died when I was 14 after two years my dad started to do bad things to me and I'm still a virgin he's not gone that far yet bug I hope he doesn't. I have a lot of bruses on me from him but today in tired of it so tonight I'm sneaking out because I'm tired of bieng hurt. I don't understand I was daddy's little girl he said he never would hurt me but u know u never can trust nobody. It finally came to the time I opend my window and jumped out, my house is like an inch off the ground not much. When I jumped out memeries of what he does to me came fludding in my mind and I started to sob and I asked my self why does he do this to me.

After and hour of walking around I found the alley

And ran into it and sat on the ground leaning on the wall with my face in my hands, when I was about done sobbing I heard foot steps come towards me I was getting a bit scared cause I was thinking what If my dad found out that I sneaked out but it wasn't him when the light started to creep in I saw that it was a boy In the black Toms


So how do u like it I hope u do I spent a lot of time doing this

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