The boy with the black Toms (Harry styles fanfic) "ON HOLD"

Mia's P.O.V
I was sobbing while walking down the street and I was asking myself why is he doing this to me, I then found the alley and ran in and just sat against the wall sobbing with my head in my hands but then I heard some foot steps I was getting worried when I looked up I couldn't see anything, when the light started to creep in I could see it was a boy in the black Toms.

What will this boy do to her will he just treat her worse then she's been treated or will he save her from what she was going through find in the boy with the black Toms


6. chapter 6


all I hear is Niall speaking I cant move I cant see anything. Mia I have liked you since the beginning and you are a really beautiful girl I get if you want to date Harry but I really like you. then Harry speaks. listen Niall you can date her but I swear to God that if you hurt her I will cute your front off.

woah Harry. you can date her but its her choice ok Niall. ok. I just want to smile but I cant because im in this fucking coma.


when Niall said that my heart just sank down I didn't know that but if she likes him then its her choice but if she picks Niall im gonna be mad but he is my bestfriend so im gonna support him either way.

it has been an hour and she still hasn't made a peep or a movement. Ok guys I think we should let her sleep. ok Liam says.

so we leave the hospital and we go into starbucks to get some coffee. This was a bad idea we ot mobbed by some fans and I see Niall about to cry and I go over to him and pulls him out. see he is claustrophobic and some fans are really mean tp him. what happened Niall I say. someone called me fat and I shouldn't be in one direction. don't cry that's all they want is attention just be strong I comfort him.

Niall POV

this happening so fast I mean fans are hating on me and I might lose Mia I don't know what to do without Mia. she is just she is different than others she is actually real. "hey Niall cmon buddy". Liam says inturupting my thoughts. I go with him. " what's wrong buddy"? he asks. "im scared im going to loose Mia". "we barely know Mia but she is strong she'll get through this ok I promise". Liam said. "thanks buddy". "no problem". we got in the car and drove back to the hospital and see her still laying their looking dead but she not we know shes not.

I held her hand but I felt something weird I actually felt something I looked down and saw that she folded her hand into mine. "GUYS SHES HERE LOOK". they see her eyes flutter open she smiles. "Mia". they all say. "hey guys" she stretches but then flinches with pain. "ouch why is my arm full of cuts and hurts". "because one of your friends saw you laying on the floor with blood". "did you cut yourself"? Niall asked with sadness in his eyes. "maybe". "don't do it love your to pretty to ruin your self like that what went on to make you do that".


shit I cant back out of telling them because then they will know that im lieing you have to have a reason to do it so I cant lie. "my dad". Harrys eyes go wide and expression goes to sadness. "hold on a second" Harry said and grabbed her phone. "watcha doin" "just hold on" he clicks the screen in search of something. "what are you searching for" he leaves without even saying anything. "whats going on with him". they shrug. "but what about your dad"? Louis asked.

" well my dad started to beat me when I was 15 when my mom died and he started at 16 to try to rape me but I faught him I have had cuts and bruises everyday because of him and then getting bullied about it I was just done so I went to alley and that's where Harry found me, now im here". "did he say something to you recently or what happened for you to do that now". "well he called me started to text me but I kept ignoring him then but I went crazy so I checked one and he said that he knows where I live and he will get me when he finds me so I started crying and found a knife". I said in tears. while all the boys are swelled up in tears.

"we will protect you no matter what for now on your going everywhere we are going because you don't need to be hurt again". I smiled im glad finally people care about me.



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