The boy with the black Toms (Harry styles fanfic) "ON HOLD"

Mia's P.O.V
I was sobbing while walking down the street and I was asking myself why is he doing this to me, I then found the alley and ran in and just sat against the wall sobbing with my head in my hands but then I heard some foot steps I was getting worried when I looked up I couldn't see anything, when the light started to creep in I could see it was a boy in the black Toms.

What will this boy do to her will he just treat her worse then she's been treated or will he save her from what she was going through find in the boy with the black Toms


5. chapter 5

Mia's POV

Everything is dark around me I can't see anything but darkness. I can't open eyes. But I hear people around me. I hear Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Ashton, Luke, column, Michael. In the room. I can't move or anything it's like I'm in a coma.

Harry the doctor said.

Yes sir he said.

We did some test and she is in a coma we think she cut her self when she has so many cuts but we don't know why she had to think about suicide do you know of any troubles she had in her life.

No sir but her dad try to hurt her in the past. Harry said in almost welded up in tears.

Ok well we will keep her safe intill she wakes up but further a do she has to stay here.

Yes sir. Mia why would you do this your a beautiful girl to have cuts all over your arm. Guys you wanna say somthing. Shure. Niall said.

Mia I always liked you I know that you and Harry might be a thing but I wanted you to know that iv always had feeling for you. I get it if you wanna be with Harry but I love you. Buddy it's ok Liam said holding and conforting him while he's crying.

Listen Niall yeah Harry look you can date her but if you brake her heart then I will beat yup up an cut off your front K. Woah Harry. Sorry. I want to date her but if she likes you then go for her. It's her choice ok. .

What's gonna be her choice when she wakes up will it be Harry or Niall. Find out

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